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Posted By: SKB Edward Paton & Sons, .500 bpe - 09/05/20 04:42 PM
Oil soaked, some external pitting on the barrels,great wood under the grime, front sight is damaged, very good bores. I will sympathetically restore this one and work up a load for it.

Posted By: BrentD Re: Edward Paton & Sons, .500 bpe - 09/05/20 10:45 PM
Any load data pencilled under buttplate or locks?
Posted By: SKB Re: Edward Paton & Sons, .500 bpe - 09/05/20 10:52 PM
I have not pulled either yet.

Today I burned quite a few calories striking the barrels. Not done yet but I will be with another good polishing session or two.

I'll see if I can get it to regulated with 136 grains of black and a 340 grain bullet first.

I need to slug the bores, order the proper size bullets and build a new front sight before the first range trip.
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