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Posted By: Grouse Guy CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/20/20 05:48 PM
Has anybody here owned, fired, or at least seen the 20ga SXS rifled sabot gun made by Connecticut Shotgun?

Posted By: keith Re: CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/21/20 12:07 AM
I'm sure they would be regulated for lead ammunition. Since you have posted tons of links to junk science supporting bans on lead ammunition, I don't think you would want a gun that would send lead slugs into the environment.

That is my opinion, which you requested. Hopefully, nobody else will offer anything else to a staunch proponent of banning lead ammunition, thus making shooting much more expensive.
Posted By: Dave Weber Re: CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/21/20 12:09 AM
I have handled three units at different venues over the years. They look great are very high quality and shoulder nicely.

I have never had an opportunity to shoot one but they are a fantastic idea for states that require slugs for deer blasting.
(I have shot deer with an Ithaca 20 bore rifled slug gun using Winchester 212 yards...they are devastating on deer.)

If I were in such a position I wold not hesitate to secure one.

Posted By: Grouse Guy Re: CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/21/20 01:14 AM
Dave: thanks for the info.
Posted By: dave michno Re: CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/21/20 02:31 PM
I had so made and hunted hogs in GA and Deer in NY State with same. After making some adjustment with the adjustable muzzle I had both barrels shooting to the same point at 100 yds. Groups at 50 yards were 3" apart. I liked the gun very much and it handled and shot well. The area I hunt in NY went to rifle use so parted with the gun. I think you would be very happy with it. I do not remember which sabot slug it liked but seems to me it was a product that shot at 1300 fps.
Posted By: simcgunner Re: CSMC "Professional" double rifle? - 12/23/20 11:12 PM
I Have one and it shoots good out to 100 yards. After testing lots of different slugs ,I find that the cheap Remington from the big box store are shooting keyholes at the 50 yd qualification shoot each year at the local military base.
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