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Does anyone know the PRESENT location or ownership of the rifle featured in the 1930's American Rifleman article detailing Buck Dunton famous Western Artist and Illustrator,having a rifle built by Alvin Linden for his daughter? Thanks Jerry
I've never run across the rifle and had no idea if it ever left the family.

I've read the article a long time ago and had heard of the "Dunton" cheekpiece but did not realize that he was a Western artist. Did you learn this in the article or are you a fan of Western art and knew the name?
Michael: I've collected western art for years and found out in the 60's, W. Herbert Dunton [called Buck] and Alvin Linden developed what "OL Scratch" himself called the "DUNTON CHEEKPIECE" which Linden used as a basic style thereafter. Dunton is known by the average person for having illustrated some of Zane Grey's Western books.Here's a short bio for anyone interested.

Birth: Aug. 28, 1878, USA
Death: Mar. 18, 1936, USA

Artist. He spent his childhood in the woods of Maine which solidified his love of animals and the outdoors placing this focus on his art. Dunton ventured to the west making many summer trips hunting, fishing and cowboying.He was already an accomplished artist submitting pen and ink drawings to local newspapers. He became prosperous as a western illustrator for Harper's, Schribners and many other magazines including artwork for books. After a visit to the artist center in Taos, New Mexico, he became a permanent resident giving up his lucrative work as a commercial illustrator and became a struggling painter of Western scenes. W. Herbert Dunton was one of the founders of Taos Society of Artists which exhibited his works and other artist during annual exhibitions around the country. His health began to deteriorate after receiving an injury from a horse accident followed by prostrate cancer, then stomach and lung cancer which took his life.

Does anyone know which RIFLEMAN the article was in?
January, 1932

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