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Posted By: Rookhawk Browning Safari Grade Hell - can you help? - 07/02/13 07:51 PM
I have a 1972 browning safari grade in 22-250.

It was made by Sako for Browning but it doesn't seem to be a " Sako style" receiver. The receiver is round and it looks Mauser style. A leupold standard Mauser mount does not have the correct holes.

Any idea what mount will work? A leupold part number?

Called leupold, browning and brownells tech support and everyone was of no help and I keep buying more incompatible bases.
You might call Conetrol. They are usually very helpful on non-typical rifles.
Iīm quite sure you have FN made Mauser for SAKO. Itīs called SAKO-Mauser or SAKO High Power. In those times (1951-60) SAKO didnīt have any own action model for bigger calibers (.30-06 etc.) so they just bought m98 actions from FN. SAKO didnīt make any holes for scope mounting so maybe someone has bubbat your action a little.

You said you tried a standard Mauser base so I'm assuming you tried one for a M98 Mauser. If this is correct I suggest you try the mount for a FN Mauser as the hole spacing is different because the FN doesn't have the bridge with clip slot.

Sorry, forget my post. I didn't read your question closely enough. I didn't realize we were talking about the intermediate Sako action that Browning used.

Browning sold plenty of these guns so I'm sure someone has info on the correct base.
Posted By: cpa Re: Browning Safari Grade Hell - can you help? - 07/02/13 11:36 PM
Browning used a small ring intermediate Mauser action for awhile in the 60's, I believe, for short cartridges. If not, then it should be the Sako 579 action without the integral dovetails. You can easily tell as the front and rear rings will be the same height. Don't think it is the Sako High Power as that was earlier and was a long 98 FN action. By the 1960's Sako was using the L61 long action rather than the FN. Nice action whichever one it is.
Posted By: cpa Re: Browning Safari Grade Hell - can you help? - 07/03/13 12:08 AM
Give Talley a call. Altho they don't list them on their website, I suspect they can help you. I'm sure it is the Sako 579 round top action.

Here you go:

Weaver 2 piece #72 (front) #71 (rear)

Conetrol 1 piece #579H1

Conetrol 2 piece #579H2

The Control # is for the Hunter finish bases You can get the Custom also.

Google Conetrol Scope mounts foe more info.
cpa is correct Browning did in fact make a small ring, small thread, standard lenght Mauser in the FN 400 supreme series. Had a shortened magazine (by a sheet metal insert) for the shorter cartridges.
Not very many of those around, just happen to have one myself.
A pic. to confirm all the guess work would be beneficial. --- John
If not, then it should be the Sako 579 action without the integral dovetails.
Yes, I did some searchings and noticed that SAKO made a L579 special version for Browning without any scope rails.

Thank you so much for your input.

You guys hit the nail on the head. It is a SAKO made with L579 style holes, but without dove tails on the receiver. (round action made special for browning)

The Conetrol Custum mount and rings in high luster blue cost $200 and appear to be the only quality option that is currently in production, so I bought it. Weaver made some aluminum junk for $8 but I didn't think that was the right choice.

You guys rock, thanks again!

Very nice stuff you have there.
Thanks ! Everybody has to do something for living.
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