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Aug 5th, 2016
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Joined: Feb 2016
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As a collective effort on the Verney-Carron Heliduplex line, myself, Wildcattle, L.Brown and Ellenbr have come up with a list of French gun terms and their translation. (thanks to WC for doing a lot of the heavy lifting). I'm copying the list below for reference to assure it doesn't get lost. It is presented without the masculine/feminine articles le, la, les etc. for ease in ordering the terminology.

================================ French - English ================================


Abîmé(e) - spoiled/ruined/damaged
Acier m - steel
…Acier chocolat - excessively soft steel (Belgian trade vernacular)
…Acier damas (also "damas") - damascus steel
…Acier revenu - tempered steel
…Acier trempé - quenched steel
Alésage -boring (barrels)
l’anglaise bouquet - English rose (engraving term
Argent m - silver
...Vieil argent - old silver
Ailes f - side clips
Alliage - Alloy
Âme du canon f - bore
Amorce f - primer
Amortisseur m - pad (as in buttpad)
Ancien - old
Anson et Deeley; Anson m - box lock
Arabesque f - scroll (engraving)
Arme f - weapon
Arme de poing f - hand gun
Arme d’épaule f - long gun
Arme à percution centrale f - centerfire gun
Armé - cocked
Armurier m - gun shop owner
Armurerie f - gun shop, not a maker, historically a body armor vendor
Arquebusier m - Gun maker (abbreviated as "Arqr")
Artisan, artisane - artisan (male, female)
Avantage (à droite, à gauche) - cast-off, cast-on


Baguette de nettoyage f - ramrod, cleaning rod
Banc d’épreuves m - proof house
Bande f - rib
…Prolongement de la bande - extension of the rib (to the receiver)
…Bande ventilée - ventilated rib
…Bande a tenon d'accrochage s'encastrant dans la bascule - doll’s head
…Band de visee - ventilated rib
Balle f - bullet or slug
Bascule f - receiver/action
…Bascule ronde - round receiver
Basculeur m - tradesman putting the action together
Bec m - heel
…Bec de Crosse - heel of the butt plate
Bille acier f - steel shot
Bois m - wood
...Bois de noyer - walnut
......Noyer blond - blond walnut
...Bois d'érable - maple
Boite a Fusil - gun case
Boitier m - housing
Bouche f - muzzle
Bouchon de canon - bullet starter (muzzle loader)
Bouchon de percuteur - Firing pin bushing
Bouquets (gravure à) - rose engraving
Bourre - wad
Bourrelet--rim (of shell)
Brasé - brazed
...brasé sur - brazed on
Bretelle - sling
...Bretelle à enrouleur - retractable sling (like on a Ideal)
...Brettelle retractable - retractable (built in) sling
Brevet - Patent
Breveté(e) - patented
...Breveté(e) SGDG - model patent ("sans garantie du gouvernement")- Patented Without Guarentee of the Government". French distinction that designates a technical patent in the U.S. sense, as opposed to trademark and the old design patent number system that dealt only with name and shape.
Brisure, à - Breakage
Broche - pinfire
Bronze - bronze; (copper and tin alloy)
Bronzage - barrel blacking
Brosse - gun cleaning bore brush
Busc - comb (for a stock)


Cale - wedge (in a double rifle), or spacer between barrels
Calibre - caliber
Canon - barrel
...Canons frettés - sleeved barrel set (externally sleeved or jacketed, built-up barrels)
...Canons juxtaposés - SxS double barrel
...Canon lisse - smoothbore
...Canons miroir - mirror finish bores
......Canonnerie miroir - ditto
...Canons mixtes (Arme à) - cape gun
...Canon monobloc - Barrel set made in one block of steel
...Canon poli - honed barrel
...Canon rayé - rifled barrel
...Canon rayé dispersant - Rifled spreader barrel (usually Euro woodcock guns)
...Canons superposés - over/under
Canonnier - barrel maker
Capuche - metal piece surrounding the Deeley forearm push button
Carabine - rifle, carbine
Carabine de salon - indoor rifle
Carabine de jardin - light rifle, rook rifle
Carnier - Shotshell pouch
Cartouches à plombs - shot shell
Cartouches à balle - slug shell
Cartouche de rechargement - reloader
Chambrage - chamber(ing)
Chambre - chamber
Chêne - Oak
Chargette - powder measure
Chasse - Hunting
Chasse (m) sous Bois - Upland woods hunting
Chevrotines - buck shot (large shot 2 - 000)
Chien - hammer
…Crête de chien - hammer spur
…Chiens extérieurs - external hammers
Choke - Choke
…Cylindrique - cylinder choke (synonym: lisse)
…Demi choke - Modified choke
…Plein - full (as in choke)
Chromage - chromed bores
Chromé(e) - chrome plated
Ciselures sur les coquille - shell motif on fences (engraving term)
Clé - key
…Clé Beringer - type of underlever also called Pontet-Serpent
…Clé de bascule - top lever key
…Clé devant pontet - underlever (Lefraucheux).
…Clé d’ouverture - opening key
…Clé longueur - side lever
…Clé sur le dessus - top lever key
Coffret - case (to put the gun in)
Contre-platines - side-plates
Convergence - regulation (shotgun or double rifle)
Coquille - action ball (fences)
...Coquilles de la Bascul - fences
. .Coquilles ciselures - shell motif on fences (engraving term)
Coquille de fusil de chasse - empty shotgun shell casing; Husk or Hull
Corne - horn
Corps de platines - side plates
Cran de sécurité - Safety catch
Crête de chien - hammer spur
Crochet - barrel lump
...Crochets d’attache - barrel lump
...Crochets ajustés en queue d’aronde - dovetailed lump
...Crochet du canon - same
...Crochet encastré - dovetailed lump (embedded)
...Crochets rapportés - non integral lumps
Crosse - stock
...Crosse anglaise - English stock
...Crosse à joue - stock with cheek piece
...Crosse de borgne - crossover stock
...Crosse demi-pistolet - round knob grip stock
...Crosse pistolet - pistol grip stock
Crossier - stock maker
Creusot? - hammered? (Perhaps referring to a town known for forging.
Cuir - leather (for the sling)
...Cuir surpiqué - double layered sown leather
Culot - Brass base of the shotgun shell
Cuivre - copper
Culasse - standing breech or bolt
Culasse mobile - movable breech (i.e. on a Darne)
Cylindrique - cylinder choke (synonym: lisse)


Damasquiné - damascened
Dans l'état - original
Dans son jus - original, never modified or restored
Déboulé (m)? - in the wild?
Demi-armé - half cocked (for hammer guns)
Demi-bloc - chopper lump
Détente - trigger
...Double détente - double trigger
...Monodétente - single trigger
......Monodétente sélective - selective single trigger
Devant - forearm
. .Devant à pompe - Pump gun forearm
D'occasion - used
Doré - gold filled
Double détente - double trigger
Double verrou de fermeture - double locking bolt
Douille - Shotshell husk
Drageoir---rim cuts. Syn: feuillure.


Ébène - ebony
Écouvillon - cleaning rod and implement
...Écouvillon en laiton - brass barrel (cleaning) brush
Écusson - shield (on a stock)
Éjecteurs automatiques - automatic ejectors
Éjecteur/extracteur a grand développement - ejector contact point on the hull is over 1/4 of the circumference. Normally high-end guns only.
Emouler de Canons de Fusil- Barrel Grinder/Polisher (archaic
Enfoncements - dents
Entaillage - inletting
. . un entaillage droit - straight inletting
. . a bascule entaillee - insetted action
. . double entaillage - double inletting
Épaisseur - thickness
Épaisseur des parois du canon - Barrel walls thickness
éponge - bore cleaning swab
Épreuves - proof
...Banc d’épreuves - proof house
...double épreuve - double proof
...triple épreuve - triple proof
...épreuve ordinaire - version of normal proof
...épreuve ordinaire - modern day "triple proof"
Érable - maple (wood)
État - condition
...État mécanique - mechanical condition
...État moyen - so so condition; medium condition
...État mauvais - bad condition
…Pas en bon état - not in good condition
...État neuf - new condition
Étranglement - choke
Etui - Gun case; gun slip
Express (also double "express") - double rifle
Extracteur - extractors


Fabricant (also abbreviated as "Fabt") - maker
Fausses-platines - side-plates
Faux axes de platines - false side-plate pins
Faux-corps - false side plates; i.e. contra-platines
Fermeture en “T" - Jones underlever also known as "T" Anglais
Feu central, arme à - centerfire (gun)
Feuillet(s) - sight leaf
Feutrine - baize (gun case)
Finition - finish
…Finition argent - silver finish
…Finition blue - blued finish
…Finition canon de fusil - gunmetal finish
…Finition chromée - chrome finish
…Finition nickelée - nickel finish.
…Finition noir - blued finish
Forage - bore (barrel)(boring)
Forgé(e) - forged
Foudre(s) - 4 lightening bolts - St Etienne proof mark for guns finished when proofed 1923-39
Fournie - not sure (concentrated perhaps?)
Fourreau - Leg-o-mutton case
Frères - Brothers
Frette - monoblock;
Fusil - firearm (normally a shotgun but also a military rifle)
...Fusil à broche - pinfire gun
...Fusil à canon scié - sawed off shotgun
...Fusil à chargement par la bouche - muzzle loader
...Fusil à chien - hammer gun
...Fusil de chasse - shotgun
...Fusil juxtaposé - double gun
... Fusil juxtaposé artisanal Français - Artisanal French double gun (quite often maker not known)
...Fusils lever-action - lever action gun
......Fusil à levier de sous-garde - ditto
......Fusil levier sous garde - ditto
...Fusil à percussion - muzzle loading, percussion rifle
...Fusil à piston - percussion gun
...Fusil à pompe - pump gun (also "branlette" in French hunting vernacular)
...Fusil à silex - flintlock


Gachette - sear; trigger
Gachette interruptrice - safety sear
Gâchette facile - trigger happy
Garnisseur - tradesman assembling barrels, ribs and lumps
Gerbe - pattern
Gerbe de Plombe - shot pattern
Graveur - engraver
Gravure en pointes d’epinee - thorn point engraving
Gravure(s) - engraving(s)
Grenadière - sling swivel
Grenailles - smaller shot (in a shotgun shell) (4-9)
Goupille - round pin
Goupille de charnière - hinge pin
Guidon - front sight
... protège-guidon - sight hood
Guilloché(e) - ornamented with geometric design
...Vis guillochées - ornamented screws


Hausse - back sight (originally adjustable type)


Illisible - illegible


Jaspage - case coloring
Jaspé(e) - case colored
Jaugé - guage
Jaugé à - gauged, measured at
Jaugé de chambre - chamber measuring gage
Jeu - play (in the sense of movement)
...Jeu dans la bascule - (play in the receiver)
...Sans jeu - without play
Joue - cheekpiece
...Joue allemande - German style cheeckpiece
Juxtaposé - side by side


Laine d’acier - steel wool
Laiton - Brass: alloy - 70 parts copper; 30 parts zinc
Lefaucheux à clé - type of underlever
Levier - Lever
Levier d'armement - cocking lever
Levier de sécurité (ou sécurité) - safety lever
Levier de sécurité (ou sécurité) à la poignée - grip safety
Levier de sous garde - cocking underlever (Winchester type)
Levier sous la longuesse - underlever
Levier à volute - type of underlever
Lisse - smooth (as in smoothbore). Also sometimes a syn. for cylinder bore.
Longuesse - forestock
Longuesse à poussoir - Anson forend (forestock with pushrod release)
Longuesse-sous-main amovible - underlever
Loupe d’accrochage - doll’s head
Lunette - scope


Maniable - easy to the hand/handy
Moitié armé - half cocked (for hammer guns)
Mono-canon - single barrel
Monodétente - single trigger
Manouvrable - handy
Monteur à bois - stocker
Moulé(e) - molded
Muni - fitted


Nickelé(e) - nickel plated
Noix - Hammer axis
NY d'Imphay? - (some sort of alloy?)


Oeilleton - peep sight
Or - gold
...Or fin - fine gold
Doré - gold plated or gold applique
Oreille - Sideclip
Organes de visée - sights
Orné(e) - ornamented
Ouverture par clé devant pontet - underlever
Ouverture sous pontet - underlever
Oxydation - oxydation


Paire - pair of guns
Pente - drop
...Pente au busc - drop at comb
...Pente au talon - drop at heel
Percussion centrale - center percussion, center fire (hammer gun)
Percuteur - Firing pin
Pièce d'armurerie - piece of firearms manufacture ???
Pierrage - honing
Pique - pitted
...Piqûres - pitting
...Petites piqûres - light pitting
Planchette - back sight folding leaf
Plaque de couche - butt plate
Plaqué(e) - plated
Platine - side lock
...Platine Holland - front lock as made by H&H or others
...Platine arrière - back lock
...Platine avant - front lock
...Platine démontable - hand removable sidelock
...Platine encastrée - embedded locks
...Platine rebondissante - rebounding lock
Plein--full (as in choke)
Plomb - lead (shot)
Poids de la détente. - trigger pull
Poignée (f) - pistol grip, grip
Poinçon - stamp
...Poinçons réglementaires - legal stamps
...Poinçons d'épreuve - proof marks
Poire à poudre - powder horn; powder flask
Poli(e) - polished
Polisseur - barrel grinder
Polissage en long - longitudinal honing
Poncée huile (Crosse) - sanded with oil finish (stock)
Pontet - trigger guard
…Pontet-Serpent - type of underlever also called Clé Beringer
…Pontet à volute - trigger guard with volute in front
Portée - range (as in shooting distance)
Poudre - powder (gunpowder)
...Poudre blanche--smokeless powder
...Poudre pyroxylée - smokeless powder (French)
...Poudre sans fumée - smokeless powder
...Poudre Vive - smokeless Powder ( Belgian)
Poussoir - push rod (forestock)
Propre - clean, nice


Quadrillage - Checkering
Quadrilleur - Checkerer
Queue d’aronde - dovetail (old French for"swallow tail")


Rallonge de crosse - stock extension
Rayé à chargement par la bouche - muzzle loader rifle
Rayures - striation or shallow rifling
Réamorçoir - shotshell priming tool
Recuit - annealed
Recul - recoil
Relevé - cocked
Relime - steel parts shaping (by chisel or file)
Relime soignee avec filets - double line with breaks (engraving term)
Relimeur - tradesman shaping the action and other parts
Repoussé en - decoratively hammered
Revenu - Tempering
Ressort - spring
…Ressort à lames - Coil spring
…Ressort spirale - spiral spring
Restauration - restoration
Réticule - Reticle (scope)
Rinceaux - leaves and branches (engraving)
Rosaces - rosettes (engraving term)
Rouille - rust
...Rouille légère - light rust


Sabot - butt pad
Sabot - sabot projectile
Scène de chasse - hunting scene (engraving)
Sécurité - safety
Sécurité à la poignée - grip safety
Sécurité dès qu'elle est arméee - safety automatically on when cocked
Serré - tight
Sertissage - crimp/crimping
SGDG - see Brevete SGDG
Similor - alloy; 100 parts Red copper; 12 parts zinc
Soudure - solder
…Soudure d’argent/à l'argent - Silver solder
…Soudure à l’étain - Tin solder (lead and tin mixed)
…Soudure de cuivre - Copper brazing (red coper, old silver, antimony, zinc, etc.)
Stéphanois - from Saint-Etienne region
Successeur (also abbreviated to "succr") - Successor to
Souplesse de la gâchette - trigger pull
Sûreté - safety


"T" Anglais - Jones underlever also known as “Fermeture en T"
Talon - heel
Talon de crosse - upper point of the butt plate
Tempérage - tempering
. .Procédé de trempage - tempering process.
Tete de Poupée (f) - Doll's Head
Tirant de Crosse - Stock attachment bolt
Tire-cartouche - extracteur
Tirette - action rod
Tombac - alloy; 16 parts copper; 1 part zinc; 1 part tin
Tonnerre - place where the ignition happens
Trempé (past tense from verb Tremper) - quenched - hardened
Traité thermiquement - Heat treated
Triple verrou Greener - Triple lock of a double Purdey bite and a Greener 3rd
Triple verrou Purdey” - Triple lock in case of a Purdey nose 3rd bite.
Triple verrou - triple lock
Triplette - 3-gun set
Tromblon - blunderbuss (or bad shotgun)
Tube - barrel tube
Type anglais - English style

Usiné - machined


Valise - Case
Verrou - lock, also bolt
Verrou de fermeture - closing bolt
Verrou vertical - rising bite
Verrouillage - locking system
Vernis - varnish
Vis - Screw

================================== English - French ===================================

Here is the first cut of English to French double-gun terms. it's easier to go from an acquired language to a native language (in this case French to English) than vise versa. Plus the two languages are structured differently. French is more US Military - think, "trousers, cotton, padded, OD, 1 each" vs "one pair of padded cotton olive drab trousers" so if you have a hard time finding a term, find the noun and it may be a sub entry. And I'm not sure I actually know all the English gun terms the pros use or are interested in. Finally for the French nouns, without the articles it's not real Frenc and for the adjectives - they will vary according the modified noun M or F. So welcome all corrections.

English-French double-gun terms


Action (receiver) - bascule
Action ball (fences) - coquille
Action rod - tirette
Annealed - Recuit
Artisan - artisan
Artisanal - artisanal
Artisanal French side x side (unnamed) - Fusil juxtaposé artisanal français
As is - Dans l'etat


Back sight - hausse
Barrel(s) - canon(s)
…barrel, single - mono-canon
…barrel, double/SxS - canons juxtaposés
…barrel, externally sleeved - canon frettés
…barrel, honed - canon poli
…barrel najer - canonnier
Barrel assembler - garnisseur
Barrel lump - See Lump, Barel
…Barrel, rifled barrel - canon rayé
…Barrel, rifled, spreader - canon rayé dispersant
…barrel set made in one bloc of steel - canon monobloc
Barrel blacking - bronzage
Barrel wedge/spacer (double guns) - cale
Blunderbuss - tromblon
Bore - Âme du canon
Bore (barrel) - forage
Bore brush - Brosse
Bore swab - éponge
Box lock - Anson et Deeley; Anson
Brass - laiton
Brazed - brasé
...Brazed on - brasé sur
Breakage - brisure, à
Breech/bolt - culasse
…Breech, movable (Darne) - culasse mobile; Culasse a mouvement linéaire
Bronze - bronze
Brothers (as in a company) - frères
Brush, barrel cleaning, brass - Écouvillon en laiton
Bullet - balle
...Jacketed bullet - balle blindée
Bullet starter (muzzle loader) - bouchon de canon
Butt pad - amortisseur
Butt pad - sabot
Butt plate - plaque de couche


Cape gun - canons mixtes (Arme à)
Carbine - carabine
Case coloring - jaspage -
Case colored - jaspé(e)
Case, gun - coffre; feutrine; baize
Case - valise
Cast - advantage
…Cast off - advantage à droite
…Cast on - advantage à gauche
Cartridge - etui
Caliber - calibre
Centerfire gun - arme à percution centrale.
Chamber - chambre, foudre(s)
Chambering - chambrage
Checkerer - quadrille
Checkering - quadrillage
Cheekpiece - joue
…German style cheekpiece - joue allemande
Chisling - relime
Choke - choke; étranglement
…cylinder choke - clindrique; lisse
…modified choke - demi-choke
…full choke - plein
Chopper lump - demi-bloc
Chrome - chrome
Chrome plated - chromé(e)
Chrome bores - chromage
Clean (state of condition ) - propre
Cleaning brush (brass, barrel) - Écouvillon en laiton
Cleaning rod - baguette de nettoyage;
Cleaning rod and implement - Écouvillon
Cocked - armé
Cocked - relevé
Cocking lever - levier d’armement
Coil spring - ressort à lames
Comb (for a stock) - busc
Condition - état
…mechanical condition - état mécanique
…new condition - état neuf
…so so condition - état moyen
…medium condition - état moyen
…bad condition - état mauvais
…not in good condition
Copper - cuivre


Damaged (ruined; spoiled) - abîmé(e)
Damascened - Damasquiné
Dents - enfoncements
Deely firearm push button metal piece - capuche
Doll's Head - Tete de Poupée (f)
Double barrel SxS - Canons juxtaposés
Double locking bolt - double verrou de fermeture
Double rifle - express; double express
Double trigger - see tirgger, double
Dovetail - queue d’aronde
Drop - pente
…drop at comb - pente au busc
…drop at heel - pente au talon


Ebony - Ébène
Ejectors - éjecteurs
,,,automatic ejectors - éjecteurs automatiques
Engraver - graveur
Engraving - gravure
Engraving, (rose) - bouquets (gravure à)
Engraving, leaves and branches - rinceaux
Engraving, hunting scene - scène de chasse
Escutcheon plate - pièce de pouce
Extractors - extracteurs; tire-cartouche


Fences - coquille; coquilles de la bascule
Filing - relime
Finish - finition
…silver finish - finition argent
…blued finish - finition blue
…gun metal finish - finition canon de fusil
…chrome finish - finition chromée
…nickel finish - finition nickelée
…blued finish - finition noir
Firearm - fusil
Firing pin - percuteur
Firing pin bushing - bouchon de percuteur
Fitted - Muni
Flintlock - Fusil à silex
Fore-end/stock - devant
…Deely pushbutton fore-end - devant à pompe
Forestock - longuesse
…Anson fore-end - longesse a poussoir
…Forestock push rod - poussoir
Forged - Forgé(e)
Front sight - guidon
Front sight hood - protège-guidon


Gold - Or
…gold filled - Doré
Gauge - Jaugé
…Chamber gauge - Jaugé de chambre
Gauged - Jaugé à
Grip - la poignée
Grip safety - Sécurité à la poignée (see safety)
Gun - fusil
…Artisanal French side x side - Fusil juxtaposé Artisanal Français
…Flintlock - Fusil à silex
…Hammer gun - fusil à Chien
…Lever action gun - Fusils lever-action; Fusil à levier de sous-garde; Fusil levier sous garde
…Percussion gun - Fusil à percussion; Fusil à piston
…Pump gun - Fusil à pompe; branlette
…Shotgun - fusil de chasse
…Side by side - fusil juxtaposé
Gun case - coffre; feutrine; baize; Boîte a fusil
Gun maker - arquebusier (abbr: “arqr”)
Gun shop - armurerie
Gun shop owner - armurier


Half-cocked - demi-armé
Half-cocked - moitié armé
Hammer - chien
Hammer axis - noix
Hammer, external - chien extérieurs
Hammer spur - Crête de chien
Hammered (metallurgy) - Creusot? (Coll?)
Hand gun - arme de poing
Handy (maneuverable) - maniable; manouvrable.
Hardened - Trempé (past tense from verb Tremper)
Heel - talon
Hinge pin - goupille de charnièr
Honed barrel - canon poli
Honing - pierrage
Horn - corne
Housing - boitier
Hunt/Hunting - Chasse
..Upland woods hunting - Chasse (m) sous Bois
Husk (empty shell) - coquille de fusion de chases


Illegible = illisible


Jacketed (bullet) - blindée (balle blindée) (blindé means "armored")


Key - Clé
Key, top lever - Clé d’ouverture; Clé sur le dessus


Lead - plomb
Leather - cuir
…double layered sown leather - cuir surpiqué
Leg-o-mutton case - Fourreau
Length of pull - longueur épaule
Lever - levier
…cocking lever - levier d’armement
…safety lever - levier de sécurité
Lever action gun - Fusils lever-action; Fusil à levier de sous-garde; Fusil levier sous garde
light/rook rifle - Carabine de jardin
Lock (bolt) - verrou
…closing lock - verrou de fermature
Lock,side - platine
…Lock, front (H&H) - platine Holland; plainte avant
…Lock, back - plantine arrière
…Locks, hand removable side locks - platine démontable
…Locks, embedded - platine encastrée
Locks, rebounding - plating rebondissante
Locking bolt - verrou de fermeture
… Double locking bolt - double verrou de fermeture
Locking system - verroullage
Long gun - Arme d’épaule
Lump, barrel - Crochet; Crochets d’attache; crochet de canon
Lump, barrel, dovetailed - Crochets ajustés en queue d’aronde
Lump, barrel, dovetailed (embedded) - Crochet encastré
Lump, non integral - Crochets rapportés


Machined - Usiné
Maker - Fabricant (Fabt)
Maple - bois d’érable; érable
Mirror barrel finish - Canons miroir; Canonnerie miroir
Molded - moulé(e)
Monoblock - frette
Muzzle - bouche
Muzzle loader - Fusil à chargement par la bouche
Muzzle Loading rifle - Rayé à chargement par la bouche


New - neuf
Nickel plated - nickelé(e)


Oak - chêne
Old - ancien; vielle
Original/never restored - dans son jus, dans l'état
Ornamented - orné(e)
Ornamented in geometric design - guilloché(e)
Ornamented screws - vis guilloché(e)
Oxydation - oxydation


Pad - Amortisseur
Pair (of guns) - paire
Patent - brevet
Patented - breveté(e)
…Model (engineering) patent - breveté(e) SGDG
Pattern - Gerbe
...Shot parer - Gerbe de Plombe
Peep sight - oeilleton
Percussion gun - Fusil à percussion; Fusil à piston
Pin (round) - goupille
Pin (hinge) - goupille de charnière
Pinfire - broche
Pinfire gun - fusil à broche
Pitted - piqûe
Pitting - piqûres
…light pitting - petites piqûres
Plated - plaqué(e)
Play (movement) - jeu
…Play in the receiver - jeu dans la bascule
…without play - sans jeu
Powder measure - Chargette
Primer tool - Réamorçoir
Proof - Épreuves
…Normal proofed - épreuve ordinaire
…Double proofed - double épreuve
…Triple proofed - triple épreuve
…Superior proofed - épreuve ordinaire
…Proof house - Banc d’épreuves
Proof mark stamps - poinçons d'épreuve
Pump gun - Fusil à pompe; branlette


Quenched - Trempé


Ramrod - Baguette de nettoyage
Receiver (action) - bascule
.. .Receiver, round - bascule ronde
Regulation - convergence
Reloaded shell - cartouche de rechargement
Restoration - restauration
Reticle (scope) - réticule
Rib - Bande
...Rib extension - prolongement de la bande)
…Rib, Ventilated - bande ventilée
Rifle - Carabine
…rifle, indoor - Carabine de salon
…rifle, light/rook - Carabine de jardin
Rifled barrel - Canon rayé
Rifled spreader barrel - Canon rayé dispersant
Rifling - rayures
Rising bite - verrou vertical
Rod, action - tirette
Rook/light rifle - Carabine de jardin
Round Pin - goupille
Rust - rouille
…light rust - rouille légère


Safety - sécurité; sûreté
…automatic safety - sécurité dès qu'elle est arméee
..Safety lever - Levier de sécurité
..Grip safety - Sécurité à la poignée
Safety catch - Cran de sécurité
Safety lever - levier de sécurité
Safety sear - Gachette interruptrice
Saint-Etienne citizen - Stephanois
Scope - lunette
Scratches - rayures
Screw - vis
Scroll engraving - Arabesque
Sear - gâchette
…Safety sear - gâchette interruptrice
Shell - Catouche; Etui
…shot shell - Cartouches à plombs
…slug shell - Cartouches à balle
Shot - bille
…shot (small) - grenailles (4-9)
…shot, buck - chevrotines (2 - 000)
…Steel shot - bille acre
Shotgun - fusil de chasse
…sawed off shotgun - Fusil à canon scié
Shotgun shell husk - Douille
Shotgun shell pouch - Carnier
Side by side / SxS - Canons juxtaposés
Side clips - Ailes
Side lock - platine
…Font lock (H&H) - platine Holland; plainte avant
…Back lock - plantine arrière
…hand removable side locks - platine démontable
…Embedded locks - platine encastrée
…rebounding locks - platine rebondissante
Side plates (false) - contre-platines; fausse-platines
Sights - organes de visée
…front sight - guidon
…back sight - hausse
…back sight folding leaf - planchette
…peep sight - oeilleton
Sight leaf - feuillet(s)
Silver - Argent
…Old silver - vieil argent
Sleeve (external) - frette
Sling - bretelle
… Retractable sling - bretelle à enrouleur; brettelle retractable
Sling swivel - grenadière
Slug - balle
Smoothbore - Canon lisse
Solder - soudure
…silver solder - soudure d’argent/à l'argent
…tin solder - soudure à l’étain
…coper brazing - soudure de cuivre
Spring - ressort
…coil spring - ressort à lames
...Spiral spring - ressort spirale.
Stamp (embossed) - poinçon
…legal stamps - poinçons réglementaires
…proof mark stamps - poinçons d'épreuve
Standing breech/bolt - culasse
Steel - Acier
…Damascus steel - Acier damas ou damas
…Quenched steel - Acier trempé
…Soft steel - Acier chocolat
…Tempered steel - Acier revenu
Steel Shot - bille acier
Steel wool - Laine d’icier
Stock - crosse
…English stock - crosse anglaise
…Stock with cheek piece - crosse à joue
…Crossover stock - crosse de boring
…Round knob grip stock - crosse pistoles
…Stock shield - écusson
…Stock extension - rallonge de crosse
Stock maker - crossier; monteur a bois
Swallowtail - queue d’aronde
SxS/double barrel - Canons juxtaposés


Tempering - Tempérage; Devenu
Tight - serré
Trigger - Détente; gâchette (Coll).
…double trigger - Double détente
…single trigger - Monodétente
……selective single trigger - Monodétente sélective
Trigger pull - souplesse de la gâchette; poids de la détente
Tube - tube


Underlever - Lefaucheux à clé;
………………Clé Beringer;
………………Clé sous pontet
………………Clée longueur
………………Levier à volute;
………………Levier sous la longuesse
………………Longuesse-sous- main amovible
………………Ouverture par clé devant pontet
………………Ouverture sous pontet
…Jones underlever - Fermeture en "T"
Used - D’occasion


Varnish - vernis
Ventilated rib - bande ventilée


Wad - bourre
Walnut - bois de noyer
...Blond walnut - noyer blond
Wood - bois





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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
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Argo44 Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2016
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With this list one could browse French double gun websites and pretty well understand what is being offered. This one might be the most popular:


In reading the ads the posters tend to run sentences or phrases together. Have patience. There are some good things there.

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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
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Joined: Apr 2016
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Thank you very much for this

Joined: Feb 2003
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Joined: Feb 2003
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juste un autre Belgique tacot - just another Belgian clunker

cintre mural - wall hanger

"petit chien" - gets you an automatic 2 minute penalty in a hockey game

"The price of good shotgunnery is constant practice" - Fred Kimble
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Joined: Feb 2009
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I don't know quite how to say it but there is a very important term
when it comes to the French and guns...

How do you say "I Surrender" in French ??

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Pretty silly and irrelevant post since we're talking professionally about double guns. Gene Williams

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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
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Gene, thanks. Gil

Joined: Feb 2009
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Joined: Feb 2009
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Recently seen at a gun show.
A sign next to a French military rifle,
"For Sale, Never Fired, Dropped Only Once".

Joined: Nov 2005
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Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 4,598
Gentlemen congratulations on a fine idea and the collaboration it required.

May I ask if you are open to having a link to it on my website?


Shotgun Jones,

Is that French or a Dialect? Here is what I find...
juste un autre Belgique tacot - just another Belgian rattletrap.


Joined: Mar 2009
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Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 1,887
Likes: 1
Thank you for the work and assistance for exploring French/Belgian gun websites.

So many are ignorant of the quality of weapons to be found there. The only unfortunate thing is I have yet to see as easy a path to import guns from France as there is for guns from the UK.

Michael Dittamo
Topeka, KS
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