It is hard to understand why, from time to time, a perfectly good gun will get no interest on an auction. But, those are just the kind that get my interest, if it is a gun that I have been looking for. We all approach these auctions differently, obviously, because a previous poster said that he skips over those that have no bids. I just approach them very cautiously and do my homework on them.

For example, I had been wanting a 30" BSS with 3" chambers for several years. Looked at gun shows, online auctions, gun shops and put the word out among friends in the business. I could have bought a pile of them at around $1400, but since it was something I didn't HAVE to have, I waited. Last spring one came up in very good condition for $950 at the BUY IT NOW price. I bought it after two phone calls to the seller, and am very pleased with it. I sold a 26" one, in lower condition than the one I bought, for $650. Since I only paid $350 for the short one, and was able to shoot it for many happy hunts and shoots, I figure I've got no more than $650 in a very good condition BSS that is exactly what I wanted. It won the AA class S x S event at the NWTF Turkey Shoot two weeks ago and will give the ducks between heah' and Arkansas grief for years to come.

Use the auctions to get what you want. Just think what you would spend in travel time trying to find even a fraction of the guns for sale if it were not for the net. I'm old enough that I find these auctions sites great fun and very useful, but then I will admit I'm a bottom feeder when it comes to buying used guns.

May God bless America and those who defend her.