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#552616 - 08/11/19 11:20 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 127
F.Faukner and J. Nowotny - closing the open ends
I admit it has been the Nick Holt shop reentering a previously
unsold F. Faukner boxlock - 16-bore with Defourny self-opener -
at now 500 GBP into the next auction, which has triggered this
To be clear, I have no association nor any interest in his nor
any auction-house business nor any gunmaking business/shop.
An English gundealer told me in a recent telcon that the Brits
dont buy English guns nowadays and less so an unknown Czech
boxlock with cracked stock.The present pattern/behaveour is
that the wealthy oldie shoots with a pair of Hollands and
drives a VW/Golf and the wealthy son shoots with a pair
of 2K Berettas and drives a 80K Range Rover.
F. Faukner / The Czech "Purdey"
DGJ spring 2009 had my article on this Czech gunmaker.
According my observation there should be descendants as the
grave has been well cared for. A disclosure of the
name/address of the person paying for the grave has been
denied by the cemetary administration at the time of my
field research.
I have invited/asked now a journalist/writer from Prague
- with learned profession of a historian - to try to
close on the open ends of this Faukner historia
and to include his findings under his name in a separate
post within this thread.
Here are some photos re Faukner I have taken over time
Late Jaroslav Smid, stocker and scope fitter at Faukner before
WW II and still active in the Czech countryside when
I met him in 1995.
According this J. Smid the shopowner Jan Faukner -
son of F. Faukner - has been a proud man, wearing a
"buzinka"/bowler hat, and residing in his shop in
fashionable downtown Prague.
The tools of the stocker
Faukner has been agent for Steyr/Austria, the front page
of his catalogue

Faukner tombstone in Olsany cemetary in Prague
J. Nowotny - the Czech "Holland"
DGJ winter 1995 had my article on this Czech gunmaker
with the info-status known at this time.
I met at one of my hunting trips a Czech hunter -with
pointer dogs -who collected catalogues.
I could copy his Nowotny catalogue.
The front page has a vignette/photo of Jan Nowotny
with the wording
zalozil zavod v roce 186x
*1839 + 1893
It means he founded his company 186x, the x could be
3 or 5.
The journalist I have mentioned before has told me
after he had written an article in a Czech paper on this
J.Nowotny suddenly descendants showed up at his office.
I have asked him to follow up on this and possibly
come up with some insteresting stories on this bygone
Czech world.
And to include it under his name herein.
J. Nowotny catalogue front page with the Nowotny photo
History book on Czech gunmakers
Nowotny guncase label is included in the first post
of this thread.
This Prague Jan Nowotny has been the nephew of the
Viennese Matthias Nowotny. The sister of this Matthias
married Johann Springer, the ancestor of this still
existing Viennese company.
Johann Springer had moved to Vienna from a town in
todays Slovakia. So the Viennese Springers have -
despite their German/Bajuvarian name - Slovak/Bohemian
To show that the Nowotny history could be more
complicated , there is a book by Vladimir Dolinek
"Cesti puskari" - ISBN 80-206-0758-7, naming a total
of 12 Nowotnys working in the guntrade ( The book
covers the time up to 1900).
The son of this late catalogue collector, by learned
profession a gunsmith, but due to missing gunsmith jobs
is working in the metal processing industry. He told me
that he has a collegue reputedly a Nowotny descendant.
Given the rather common name of Nowotny this info
should be taken with some sense of caveat.
Felix Neuberger
(emptying archive/knowledge base)

Edited by felix (08/12/19 12:53 PM)

#567863 - 03/22/20 10:36 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 127
....A spring-time photo ...
Its a "Kornellkirsche" (lat. cornus mas), vulgo "Dirndl"
(i.e. "Girlie").
Usually a shrub, the first spring-messenger
with the small yellow blossoms already end
february/beginning march.
There is a valley in Lower Austria with lot of these.
Thought to include here to contribute to cheer up in
this pandemic quarantine standstill.
A very slowly growing shrub yielding local wood
with the highest tensile specs .
Its not off-topic to this forum. Why ?
Retired stocker Altmeister Hans Jiricek
- turning 90 this september -
has used THIS wood to repair stocks broken in the
hand portion.
With a "tongue-groove" method common with cabinet

Edited by felix (03/22/20 10:43 AM)

#567870 - 03/22/20 11:47 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
ellenbr Offline

Registered: 08/10/07
Posts: 8710
Loc: North Alabama
Many thanks Mr. Neuberger. Does Hans Jiricek speak English? Currently in Austria, can you travel outside your domicile without a mask?



#567873 - 03/22/20 12:14 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
skeettx Offline

Registered: 06/03/08
Posts: 4679
Loc: Amarillo, Texas
For Felix

Edited by skeettx (03/22/20 12:17 PM)

USAF RET 1971-95

#567922 - 03/23/20 12:00 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 127
To Raimey:
- Hans Jiricek does not speak English.
He has to use a rollator and has really laid down his tools.
By the way, he is one of the last witnesses of
the Nazi terror in Vienna.
He is of Czech descendance,
his name means little Georg.
- I assume you know that Nick Holt has left London
and moved towards the Hadrian Wall.
May be some of his present offerings
are of interest for you:
. Pair of newish split HH Royal SO at 8+7 GBP.
The swept combs of the stocks would be a
chose negligeable for folks like Jiricek.
. Pair of Spanish Woodward-alike OU at 2,5 KGBP.
. An Anton Sodia OU SLE at 1,5 KGBP.
He was a fine Ferlach craftman, but his son died
in an accident so no succession.
The Brexit clown from Downing street 10 has told that
oldies like me (82) have to stay at home for the next
3 months. This is already his "Anti-Pandemic
Strategy 2.0 " as his first version was called
"Herden-Immunität" assuming the not-so-healthy oldies would
pass away sooner than later.
As I never buy a gun without seeing/measuring and
I can not travel to the Hadrian Wall at present
nothing for me.
- Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher
Years ago - long before Google/Wikipedia times -
I attended the burial of a hunting-buddy of mine
and have seen there the tombstone of Mannlicher.
Every time I return now from the weekly shopping
to the nearest supermarket I pass by Mannlicher-Gasse.
(Entry to the street prohibited to non-residents).
I looked into Google now.
Result: Tombstone is still there AND
the MANSION of Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher
is for sale on the market.
Now Raimey, if you got rid of your shares before
the pandemic black mondays/fridays and/or if you
ammassed 50 kg of aurum 999,9 there is
a unique chance to acquire a top-piece of Austrian
real-estate from a great provenance.
Has an open view to the fortress "des Fürsten
von und zu Liechtenstein", located in a Bio-Sphären-Park.
The brokerage fee is on the price level of a Range Rover.
The prices for the sleek thoroughbred elegantly-shaped
Mannlicher carbines with its smooth click-clack are
nowadays next to nothing.
Once the broker realizes that you are a hunter
he may consider to provide to you as a matter
of courtesy such a carbine as a "Draufgabe" (give-away).
I could extend here - but it would be OT -
as L. Beethoven got the inspiration for his
13 Mödlinger/Brühler Tänze when walking in this
Good luck

Edited by felix (03/23/20 12:29 PM)

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