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Aug 5th, 2016
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Joined: Feb 2016
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Argo44 Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2016
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Clearer schematics for doubles.

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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
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Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
Likes: 18
Argo, I've just come across "extérieur bronzage attenué à l'endroit du pouce".

Pretty sure it has something to do with pushrod ejector but neither google translate nor myself can make actual sense of it. The "bronzage" is throwing me.

The world cries out for such: he is needed & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia
Joined: Jan 2002
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Joined: Jan 2002
Posts: 967
I'll take a stab at it and say, "case coloring eroded where the thumb rests..."

Regards, Tim

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
Likes: 18

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
Likes: 18
Tim, I was wondering about something like that but in another part of the description he uses the term "jaspage".

So unless it's some linguistic oddity, if he used jaspage elsewhere, wouldn't he have used it in this case?

Whether I get it or not won't be the difference in buying or not buying the gun but I have been using this glossary of French terms and it has made things soooooooo much better. Google translate and my own school boy French is no match for the esoteric terms contained within double gun descriptions in French adverts.

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The world cries out for such: he is needed & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia
Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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Argo44 Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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"extérieur bronzage attenué à l'endroit du pouce"

Canvasback, "bronzage" is barrel bluing/blacking....I think the ad is saying the bluing is eroded where the thumb touches it. Wonder if the guy had his front hand thumb on a hot barrel? Or whether it was his rear hand thumb in contact with the receiver somehow? Alternatively, "pouce" also means "inch." Curious...WC?

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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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Argo44 Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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Helpful hint: If you're at a loss for the name of some obscure part, to bring up schematics of particular French guns, google search "fusil de chasse schema" and click on image.

I'm going to post the following additions to the master list per the above suggestions if there are no objections:

Amorce - primer
Bande a tenon d'accrochage s'encastrant dans la bascule - doll’s head
Band de visee - ventilated rib
Bec de Crosse - heel of the butt plate
Chevrotines - buck shot (large shot 2 - 000)
Clé Beringer - type of underlever also called Pontet-Serpent
Clé de bascule - top lever key
Culot - Brass base of the shotgun shell
éjecteur/extracteur a grand développement - ejector contact point on the hull is over 1/4 of the circumference. Normally high-end guns only.
Emouler de Canons de Fusil- Barrel Grinder/Polisher (archaic)
étui - shell, cartridge
Grenailles - smaller shot (in a shotgun shell) (4-9)
Lefaucheux à clé - type of underlever
Levier à volute - type of underlever
Talon de crosse - upper point of the butt plate
loupe d’accrochage - doll’s head
Poignee - pistol grip
polisseur - Barrel polisher
Pontet-Serpent - type of underlever also called Clé Beringer
Tirant de Crosse - Stock attachment bolt
triple verrou Greener - a double Purdey bite and a Greener 3rd
triple Verrou Purdey - a Purdey nose 3rd bite.

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Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
Likes: 18

Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 5,813
Likes: 18
Thank you, Argo.

The world cries out for such: he is needed & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia
Joined: Aug 2007
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Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 9,206
Likes: 9
Labour of love indeed. What about the term "square shot"? Do not the French peddle a good deal of that?



Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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Argo44 Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2016
Posts: 1,887
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Darn it, first page is now locked; can't make anymore changes/additions unless I can get Dave to unlock it for editing.

Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch
Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 9,206
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Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 9,206
Likes: 9
Ah, just grab it & make a new post:


Abîmé(e) - spoiled/ruined/damaged
Acier - steel
Acier chocolat - excessively soft steel (Belgian trade vernacular)
Acier damas (also "damas") - damascus steel
Acier revenu - tempered steel
Acier trempé - quenched steel
Argent - silver
...vieil argent - old silver
Ailes - side clips
Âme du canon - bore
Amortisseur - pad (as in buttpad)
Ancien - old
Anson et Deeley; Anson- box lock
Arabesque - Scroll (engraving)
Arme de poing - hand gun
Arme d’épaule - long gun
Armé - cocked
Armurier - gun shop owner
Armurerie - gun shop, not a maker, historically a body armor vendor
Arquebusier - Gun maker (abbreviated as "Arqr")
Artisan - artisan
Avantage (à droite, à gauche) - cast-off, cast-on


Baguette de nettoyage - ramrod, cleaning rod
Banc d’épreuves - proof house
Bande - rib
...Prolongement de la bande - extension of the rib (to the receiver)
...Bande ventilée - ventilated rib
Balle - bullet or slug
Bascule - receiver/action
Bascule ronde - round receiver
Basculeur - tradesman putting the action together
Bille acier - steel shot
Bois - wood
...Bois de noyer - walnut
......Noyer blond - blond walnut
...Bois d'érable - maple
Boitier - housing
Bouche - muzzle
Bouchon de canon - bullet starter (muzzle loader)
Bouchon de percuteur - Firing pin bushing
Bouquets (gravure à) - rose engraving
Bourre - wad
Brasé - brazed
...brasé sur - brazed on
Bretelle - sling
...Bretelle à enrouleur - retractable sling (like on a Ideal)
...Brettelle retractable - retractable (built in) sling
Brevet - Patent
Breveté(e) - patented
...Breveté(e) SGDG - model patent ("sans garantie du gouvernement")- Patented Without Guarentee of the Government". French distinction that designates a technical patent in the U.S. sense, as opposed to trademark and the old design patent number system that dealt only with name and shape.
Brisure, à - Breakage
Broche - pinfire
Bronze - bronze; (copper and tin alloy)
Bronzage - barrel blacking
Busc - comb (for a stock)


Cale - wedge (in a double rifle), or spacer between barrels
Calibre - caliber
Canon - barrel
...Canons frettés - sleeved barrel set (externally sleeved or jacketed, built-up barrels)
...Canons juxtaposés - SxS double barrel
...Canon lisse - smoothbore
...Canons miroir - mirror finish bores
......Canonnerie miroir - ditto
...Canons mixtes (Arme à) - cape gun
...Canon monobloc - Barrel set made in one block of steel
...Canon poli - honed barrel
...Canon rayé - rifled barrel
...Canon rayé dispersant -Rifled spreader barrel (usually Euro woodcock guns)
...Canons superposés - over/under
Canonnier - barrel maker
Capuche - metal piece surrounding the Deeley forearm push button
Carabine - rifle, carbine
Carabine de salon - indoor rifle
Carabine de jardin - light rifle, rook rifle
Cartouches à plombs - shot shell
Cartouches à balle - slug shell
Cartouche de rechargement - reloader
Chambrage - chamber(ing)
Chambre - chamber
Chien - hammer
… Crête de chien - hammer spur
Chevrotines - buckshot.
Chiens extérieurs - external hammers
Choke - Choke
… Cylindrique - cylinder choke (synonym: lisse)
... Demi choke - Modified choke
... Plein-full (as in choke
Chêne - Oak
Chromage - chromed bores
Chromé(e) - chrome plated
Clé - key
Clé d’ouverture - top lever key
Clé sur le dessus - top lever key
Coffret - case (to put the gun in)
Contre-platines - false side-plates
Convergence - regulation (shotgun or double rifle)
Coquille - action ball (fences)
...Coquilles de la Bascul - fences
Coquille de fusil de chasse - empty shotgun shell casing; Husk or Hull
Corne - horn
Cran de sécurité - Safety catch
Crête de chien - hammer spur
Crochet - barrel lump
...Crochets d’attache - barrel lump
...Crochets ajustés en queue d’aronde - dovetailed lump
...Crochet du canon - same
...Crochet encastré - dovetailed lump (embedded)
...Crochets rapportés - non integral lumps
Crosse - stock
...Crosse anglaise - English stock
...Crosse à joue - stock with cheek piece
...Crosse de borgne - crossover stock
...Crosse demi-pistolet - round knob grip stock
...Crosse pistolet - pistol grip stock
Crossier - stock maker
Cuir - leather (for the sling)
...Cuir surpiqué - double layered sown leather
Cuivre - copper
Culasse - standing breech or bolt
Culasse mobile - movable breech (i.e. on a Darne)
Cylindrique - cylinder choke (synonym: lisse)


Damasquiné - damascened
dans son jus - original, never modified or restored
Demi-armé - half cocked (for hammer guns)
Demi-bloc - chopper lump
Détente - trigger
...Double détente - double trigger
...Monodétente - single trigger
......Monodétente sélective - selective single trigger
Devant - forend
Devant à pompe - Deeley pushbutton forearm
D'occasion - used
Doré - gold filled
repoussé en ???
Double détente - double trigger
double verrou de fermeture - double locking bolt


Ébène - ebony
Écouvillon - cleaning rod and implement
...Écouvillon en laiton - brass barrel (cleaning) brush
écusson - shield (on a stock)
éjecteurs automatiques - automatic ejectors
enfoncements - dents
Épreuves - proof
...Banc d’épreuves - proof house
...double épreuve - double proof
...triple épreuve - triple proof
...épreuve ordinaire - version of normal proof
...épreuve supérieure - modern day "triple proof"
érable - maple (wood)
état - condition
...état mécanique - mechanical condition
...état moyen - so so condition; medium condition
...état mauvais - bad condition
…Pas en bon état - not in good condition
...état neuf - new condition
étranglement - choke
Etui - Gun case; gun slip
Express (also double "express") - double rifle
Extracteur - extractors


Fabricant (also abbreviated as "Fabt") - maker
Fausses-platines - false side-plates
Feu central, arme à - centerfire (gun)
Feuillet(s) - sight leaf
Feutrine - baize (gun case)
Fermeture en "T" - Jones underlever
Finition - finish
…Finition argent - silver finish
…Finition blue - blued finish
…Finition canon de fusil - gunmetal finish
…Finition chromée - chrome finish
…Finition nickelée - nickel finish.
…Finition noir - blued finish
Forage - bore (barrel)
Frères - Brothers
Frette - monoblock;
Fusil - firearm (normally a shotgun but also a military rifle)
...Fusil à broche - pinfire gun
...Fusil à canon scié - sawed off shotgun
...Fusil à chargement par la bouche - muzzle loader
...Fusil à Chien - hammer gun
...Fusil de chasse - shotgun
...Fusil juxtaposé - double gun
... Fusil juxtaposé Artisanal Français - Artisanal French double gun (quite often maker not known)
...Fusils lever-action - lever action gun
......Fusil à levier de sous-garde - ditto
......Fusil levier sous garde - ditto
...Fusil à percussion - muzzle loading, percussion rifle
...Fusil à piston - percussion gun
...Fusil à pompe - pump gun (also "branlette" in French hunting vernacular)
...Fusil à silex - flintlock


Gachette - sear
Gachette interruptrice - safety sear
Garnisseur - tradesman assembling barrels, ribs and lumps
Graveur - engraver
Gravure(s) - engraving(s)
Grenadière - sling swivel
Goupille - round pin
Goupille de charnière - hinge pin
Guidon - front sight
... protège-guidon - sight hood
Guilloché(e) - ornamented with geometric design
...Vis guillochées - ornamented screws


Hausse - back sight (originally adjustable type)


Illisible - illegible


Jaspage - case coloring
Jaspé(e) - case colored
Jaugé - guage
Jaugé à - gauged, measured at
Jaugé de chambre - chamber measuring gage
Jeu - play (in the sense of movement)
...Jeu dans la bascule - (play in the receiver)
...sans jeu - without play
Joue - cheekpiece
...Joue allemande - German style cheeckpiece
Juxtaposé - side by side


Laine d’acier - steel wool
Laiton - Brass: alloy - 70 parts copper; 30 parts zinc
Levier - Lever
levier d'armement - cocking lever
Levier de sécurité (ou sécurité) - safety lever
Levier sous la longuesse - underlever
Longuesse - forestock
Longuesse à poussoir - Anson forend (forestock with pushrod release)
Longuesse-sous- main amovible - underlever
Lunette - scope


Maniable - easy to the hand/handy
Moitié armé - half cocked (for hammer guns)
Mono-canon - single barrel
Monodétente - single trigger
Monteur à bois - stocker
Moulé(e) - molded


Nickelé(e) - nickel plated
Noix - Hammer axis


Oeilleton - peep sight
Or - gold
...Or fin - fine gold
doré - gold plated or gold applique
Oreille - Sideclip
Organes de visée - sights
Orné(e) - ornamented
Ouverture par clé devant pontet - underlever
Oxydation - oxydation


Paire - pair of guns
Pente - drop
...Pente au busc - drop at comb
...Pente au talon - drop at heel
Percussion centrale - center percussion, center fire (hammer gun)
Percuteur - Firing pin
Pièce d'armurerie - piece of firearms manufacture ???
Pierrage - honing
Pique - pitted
...Piqûres - pitting
...Petites piqûres - light pitting
Planchette - back sight folding leaf
Plaque de couche - butt plate
Plaqué(e) - plated
Platine - side lock
...Platine Holland - front lock as made by H&H or others
...Platine arrière - back lock
...Platine avant - front lock
...Platine démontable - hand removable sidelock
...Platine encastrée - embedded locks
...Platine rebondissante - rebounding lock
Plein--full (as in choke)
Plomb - lead (shot)
Poinçon - stamp
...Poinçons réglementaires - legal stamps
...Poinçons d'épreuve - proof marks
Poire à poudre - powder horn; powder flask
Poli(e) - polished
polissage en long - longitudinal honing
Poncée huile (Crosse) - sanded with oil finish (stock)
Pontet - trigger guard
Pontet à volute - trigger guard with volute in front
Portée - range (as in shooting distance)
Poudre - powder (gunpowder)
...Poudre blanche--smokeless powder
...Poudre pyroxylée - smokeless powder (French)
...Poudre sans fumée - smokeless powder
...Poudre Vive - smokeless Powder ( Belgian)
Poussoir - push rod (forestock)
propre - clean, nice


Quadrillage - Checkering
Quadrilleur - Checkerer
Queue d’aronde - dovetail (old French for"swallow tail" which is more accurate than dove tail, actually)


Rallonge de crosse - stock extension
Rayé à chargement par la bouche - muzzle loader rifle
Rayures - scratches or rifling
Relevé - cocked
Relime - steel parts shaping (by chisel or file)
Relimeur - tradesman shaping the action and other parts
Ressort - spring
Ressort à boudin - Coil spring
Restauration - restoration
Réticule - Reticle (scope)
Rinceaux - leaves and branches (engraving)
Rouille - rust
...Rouille légère - light rust


Sabot - butt pad
Sabot - sabot projectile
Scène de chasse - hunting scene (engraving)
Sécurité - safety
Sécurité dès qu'elle est arméee - safety automatically on when cocked
Serré - tight
SGDG - see Brevete SGDG
Similor - alloy; 100 parts Red copper; 12 parts zinc
Soudure - solder
…Soudure d’argent/à l'argent - Silver solder
…Soudure à l’étain - Tin solder (lead and tin mixed)
…Soudure de cuivre - Copper brazing (red coper, old silver, antimony, zinc, etc.)
Stéphanois - from Saint-Etienne region
Successeur (also abbreviated to "succr") - Successor to
Sûreté - safety


Talon - heel
Tire-cartouche - extracteur
Tirette - action rod
Tombac - alloy; 16 parts copper; 1 part zinc; 1 part tin
Tonnerre - place where the ignition happen
Triplette - 3-gun set
Tromblon - blunderbuss (or bad shotgun)
Tube - barrel tube
Type anglais - English style


Valise - Case
Verrou - lock, also bolt
Verrou de fermeture - closing bolt
Verrou vertical - rising bite
Verrouillage - locking system
Vernis - varnish
Vis - Screw



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