Hello All,

I visited the Krieghoff Factory in Ulm and was given a Tour.

Building exterior.

Reception room (3 Pics)

Semprio assembly area.

Actions after Laser Engraving (Serial #'s on all parts)

Ribbing room, ribs are soft soldered. (2 Pics)

CNC Machinery cutting actions and parts like ribs (3 pics)


Polishing room (3 Pics)




Assembly of shotguns, lots of small parts.


Gunmakers assembling hunting guns, also service department, Beautiful 375 H&H DR with full deep relief engraved big five. (Sorry no pics of the gun, not allowed.


Stocking room. (2 pics)



It was a great tour lots of modern machinery and very cool guns.
I also visited the inhouse engravers, but was not able to take any pictures.
Also visited the apprentice training area.
They had a cool cutaway of the Classic, with the cocking mechanism exposed, cool to see how it works.