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#462457 - 11/16/16 08:09 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
ellenbr Offline

Registered: 08/10/07
Posts: 8722
Loc: North Alabama

Thanks to Moose Snoot of Sweden.



#462586 - 11/17/16 08:47 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
Prologue: I want to confirm here that I have no family-ties
nor any association with the Springer-family/company
of Vienna
Enough is enough of this necrological sentiment for these bygone
gunmakers Franz Neuber & Sohn from Wiener Neustadt and Johann
Kalezky's Witwe from Wien.
What does the future hold ?
There still exists Johann Springer's Erben from Wien.
The present owner has 6 kids between 2 months and 20 years, so still a long way for him to go. When he took over the company from his mother a couple of years ago, he was aware that he can not
make a living on building high end guns.
If you observe the 3 big Londoners, the picture is not very different. Boss has the 4th owner within 16 years, the MTBS (mean-time-between-sacking)-rate of a Holland-CEO has now stabilized
and Purdey after having abandoned the used-gun sector
has now returned to it.
And an English dealer told me some time ago that they all
make a loss.
But there is Nick Holt's auctionshop running well.
Springer started as a sub to Nick, but soon realized that
there may be more in this business segment and opened his own
And now the Brexit-decision has happened.
I have full sympathy for the English buccaneers - after having
defeated the Spanish armada, the French at Trafalgar and
finally twice the Germans ( with a little help from their
transatlantic cousins)- for not willing to be ruled by someone
from overseas Europe and even worse from Berlin.
One of the 2 Brexit-clowns - this old chap with the
wild blond-coloured tuft of hair -
went immediately to the Sultan of Ankara and came back with the message that he reached already a jumbo-deal with him.
Can we expect now that the
Purdey Sporter is sourced in future from Erzurum in Eastern
Anatolia instead of the Italian Brescia ?
My impression is that Brexit is a booster for Springer's auction
shop. I had a chat there with 2 Americans, one of them dealer/
collector, I have seen half-a-bus of Czech visitors at his
viewing room. An Italian high-end pair sold to US, a complete
Parabellum collection from outside Austria in the last auction.
The collection of 2 friends of mine ended up there....
economy is a question of trust/confidence...why to send stuff to the Brexit-country when the currency gurus are telling that the GBP will go below 1:1 and its more secure and comfortable
just a taxi-drive away....
What I like with his auctions is the silent/sealed-bid part,
a fabulous "flea"-market. In there always an heartwarming
The last one had a Ferlach-made O/U, with nice engraving,
12 bore 2 3/4 proof, good barrel-thicknesses (measured
by me) and this solid and tight Kersten+double-under-bolt
system. At a ridiculous next-to-nothing price.
All in need for a strip-clean-oil.
Another example has been a Belgian boxlock with a Polish
retailer name in crisp/near-new state.
Having engineering background I am always amazed to see
how technicalities are either a negligeable
matter or do not count at all.
You may ask me why then I am sticking to a Purdey from 1902.
Its simply a matter of beauty & "gun-holder-value" (resale-value is such an ugly word) - which is ruled like lady's fashion by social
perception and not by inherent technicalities.
There is glorious America, at the moment an offering of a
Springer sidelock gun-pair for 28000 US-$, given its origin something for a member of the Romanian diaspora in the US.
A sideplated Springer boxlock double rifle in original case for 24000 US-$.
Bonhams has in the next auction a Springer double rifle at estimated min. 9000 GBP -> ca 14000 Euro incl.
Final: I have serious doubts that anyone of the finance-
sharks who have bought these 3 Londoners will
ever consider to
open an auction-house under the gunmaker-brand-name he
has bought.

Edited by felix (12/03/16 03:01 PM)

#472903 - 02/22/17 01:27 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
A Kalezky 20 bore from 1916 in an Russian Internet forum.
Location southern Russian town of Krasnodar.
For the first time seen with the Witwe script on the sidelock-plate.
Witwe script and Poldi anticorro script on the barrel
look genuine.
Unusual the backsight on a shotgun.
I remember that during the time of the Russian occupation
of eastern Austria from 1945 to 1955 rifled barrels were prohibited.
I doubt that Kalezky delivered a shotgun during WW I/1916
to an enemy-country.
The history of rifle-barrel prohibition in Russia is not
known to me , but I guess that someone added the backsight to
this shotgun to have it more suitable also for slug-shooting.
Felix Neuberger

Edited by felix (02/22/17 01:37 PM)

#472911 - 02/22/17 03:31 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
skeettx Offline

Registered: 06/03/08
Posts: 4708
Loc: Amarillo, Texas
Above link smile

#477033 - 04/04/17 12:26 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
Another Kalezky sidelock drilling
..All photos courtesy Joh. Springer's Erben/auction-shop...
This time emerged in Springer/Vienna auction april 20 lot 159.
Their gunsmith kindly disassemblied it so I could take
photos on the internal mechanism.
It has sidelocks plus a trigger-plate based lock for
the rifle barrel ("Blitz-Schloss"),Kalezky serial nr. is
2469, shotgun-barrels are 16/65 above rifle-barrel
of 6,5x58R.
A rare case, as aristo-provenance is known this time.
Year of proof is 1912, the one from
the first post in this thread same year of proof and
Kalezky serial nr. is 2517.
The pair of sidelocks, no signature visible internally.
Internal mechanism
Backside of the action ("Baskül")
For comparison Kalezky-lock to Merkel-303 lock
Nicely engraved crosspin and lockplate-screw
Stock - cracked - with barrel-switch and partial view
of the crisp/perfect inlaying of the spring-areas within
the stock
For any stocking-interested guru:
Hans Jiricek, who few minutes ago told me that he
"plans to retire" at his 90th birthday, uses to fix/repair
a crack like above using "Kornell-Kirsche"-wood
(lat. cornus mas/vulgo-name "Dirndl") in a tongue-and-groove (in German:Nut-und-Feder) approach as usual in cabinet-making.
This is a wild-fruit tree, with its yellow flowers already beginning march the first spring-time messenger, normally a multiple-trunk shrub, very slowly growing,
with the highest strength-values of middle-European woods...

Edited by felix (04/06/17 11:13 AM)

#477078 - 04/04/17 09:49 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
skeettx Offline

Registered: 06/03/08
Posts: 4708
Loc: Amarillo, Texas

USAF RET 1971-95

#485322 - 07/10/17 07:10 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
A Kalezky curiosity.
..Photo courtesy Joh. Springer's Erben..
It is a combo, pre 1870,with the wording of "Anton Mulacz"
on the barrel - a court supplier - and the curious
"KALLEZKI" wording on the lock-plate.
I have no clue on this wording.
From a linguistic point this looks rather like an
Italian name with the double "LL" and the ending letter "I".
However the other lockplate has the wording "IN WIEN".
Felix Neuberger

Edited by felix (07/10/17 07:12 AM)

#485381 - 07/10/17 07:54 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
skeettx Offline

Registered: 06/03/08
Posts: 4708
Loc: Amarillo, Texas
For Felix:

#495393 - 11/21/17 11:45 AM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
The Kalezky sidelock drilling finally sold like a previously mentioned sidelock combo to a gunmaker in a neighbouring country.
So with a new stock for the drilling and scopes , both
weapons will get a new lease of life.
Felix Neuberger

#504635 - 02/11/18 01:11 PM Re: Kalezky-ana et al. [Re: felix]
felix Offline

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 130
Mr. Peter Grünauer, bookbinder, witty and sarcastic Viennese
gentleman, has passed away suddenly. He made for me the Kalezky-repro-guncase-label, featuring below. He had the old typeset incl. the imperial eagle,
did the work on his vintage press, had French leather as base
and as well the necessary gold-foil.
As his son is an engineer in the oil-industry, one more old
trade to vanish from down-town Vienna.
The repro-label
Original one from moth-eaten guncase
Felix Neuberger

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