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#560576 - 12/17/19 01:10 PM Problem with Remington 31 pump
sxsman1 Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 502
Loc: Massachusetts
I have a 16 gauge model 31 pump that drops a loaded shell out of the bottom when I pump it.
This only happens when I'm on the range shooting. I try it when I'm home with dummy shells and it works perfectly every time. I try it by pumping slowly and fast with the gun tipped at an angle and it works perfectly. At the skeet field it drops a shell every time.
Does anyone have any Ideas?
Thanks, Pete

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#560577 - 12/17/19 01:35 PM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
Geo. Newbern Offline

Registered: 01/02/02
Posts: 7208
Loc: Georgia, USA
Timing issue?...Geo

#560583 - 12/17/19 03:21 PM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
Mark II Offline

Registered: 12/06/11
Posts: 703
Measure the OD of the rim on the snap caps and the OD of the ammo you are using.

#560585 - 12/17/19 03:52 PM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
Ted Schefelbein Offline

Registered: 01/02/02
Posts: 7976
Loc: mpls, mn.
Might be crud packed in between the receiver and the action bars that keeps them from catching the rim. A good dismantle and clean often does wonders on a repeater.


#560603 - 12/17/19 07:23 PM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
Kutter Offline

Registered: 02/05/02
Posts: 1635

I'd look at the cartridge stops.
This is a somewhat common problem on Mod31's that have seen some use.
Some drop the shell as a loaded round is chambered/action closed.
Some drop a round when the gun is fired (recoil)

The 31 uses 2 cart stops.

IIRC it's the Left side cart stop that gives the trouble.
It lets a round skip by as the action is closed and the round just dumps out onto the ground.
(Might have my L & R mixed up,,and when you look at the thing upside down remember that it's reversed again).

The Right side cart stop holds the shells back inside the mag while the feeding and chambering is going on.
Then when the bolt is closed and locked,,that Right side Cart Stop releases and allows the ammo in the tube to run forward only to be caught by the Left side cart stop.
There it holds that first round ready for the carrier to accept it when the action is pumped again.

If the edge of that Left side stop is worn or otherwise not catching the rim of the hull, that round skips by the Stop and lands on the ground.
This all takes place in a moment as you are chambering the fresh round in the chamber,,,one in the chamber,,one onto the ground from the magazine.

You can shop around and usually buy a replacement cartridge stop.
-They are gauge specific.
The Model 31 made some changes in some internal parts as the mfg'g went along. I don't know if they changed the cartridge stops at all.

-You will most likely get a worn part from a 'parts guy' as that is where they come from now. Worn out guns stripped for parts.

-You can take the cart stop out and carefully bend the tip outward just a few .000 to give it a better reach into the mag. That will usually fix the problem just as well.
I've seen them built up on the tip w/ weld and reshaped. That seems like over-kill to me when a simple bend will do.
Unless you like to demonstrate welding skills, or the part tip is broken off all together, I'd just put a bend in it.

Hulls that have a rim dia just a few .000 smaller in dia can also show the problem.
Especially in a gun that has some wear in it as above. But perhaps not enough when a different brand is used.

Hope this helps.

#560611 - 12/17/19 08:51 PM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
builder Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 1966
Loc: New Jersey
Darn! Kutter, you are an encyclopedia of info. Thanks for being here!
So many guns, so little time!

#560626 - 12/18/19 04:21 AM Re: Problem with Remington 31 pump [Re: sxsman1]
sxsman1 Offline

Registered: 03/07/05
Posts: 502
Loc: Massachusetts
Thanks very much to all who replied, I'm going to take Kutter's suggestion, it seems to fit the situation.
I have had it apart and cleaned it several times.

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