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Hunt as long as its fun. For me its about the dogs. If I kill a bird its for them anyway. I was never into the kill a pile of birds and take the pics and flash them around. If I didn't have dogs I wouldn't hunt except perhaps sitting on a haybale and pass shooting doves. That doesn't count turkey hunting. I'll do that as long as the lord allows it. PS. I have a friend in his mid 70's who has Parkinson's. He should hang it up. Hard to walk and hard to shoot isn't a safe combination. However he has two excellent bird dogs and his wife does the handling and he does the shooting. All preserve birds at this point, but he lives to watch a pair of dogs work birds.

Pretty much how I feel except for the turkey hunting as I just never got into that due to no dogs being involved.

At one point I was an avid whitetail hunter & now I would rather just observe them although I still enjoy eating venison. Fortunately my wife keeps the freezer well stocked & I'm OK w/ that.