A mystery Alexander Henry 360 - I love guns with a story.

I just picked this up this weekend and started researching it. Its absolutely "Mint" condition. It looks unfired since it was regulated. And it was a lot of fun shooting it. Its a dainty little rifle. I have sent an inquiry to John Dickson & Son for any info they might have. They have the Alexander Henry records. My research will continue.

*UPDATE* a fellow forum member pointed out this little Double has more features of a Purdey than an Alex Henry - Perhaps it was pilfered from Purdey and its not an Alex Henry after all. See this link .. https://www.gunsinternational.com/g...k-27-quot--mfg-1877.cfm?gun_id=101427359

as always, your comments are welcome.

[Linked Image from buckstix.com]

alex henry 360 .