When I got this gun is was a 12ga on the right, and some sort of rimfire conversion on left, but none of those parts were present. The left chamber is keyed for an insert, a top tang extension had been added and a mount for a peep was present as well, but no peep. A large hole had been milled in the left fence, to house an offset assembly for rimfire. Too cool be left to rot. So…..

Attached worked on the top tang extension, bedded the action to the stock, rather than have a new stock made. That ship had sailed. Welded a plug into the hole in the breach face, made a nipple for the left, and a firing pin. None of the work is perfected yet, hence the word “project”. I think this is very worthy of finishing.

Joseph Lang 12ga hammergun
Side lever locking mechanism
30” damascus barrels with damascus ribs, in the write, nevertheless nice bores, barrels ring clear
2 1/2” chambers
Cyl/Cyl chokes
Skeletknized buttplate
Freshly recheckered
All parts present, some blued

I asked Mr. Hadoke about it. He cited a specific patent on the action, but I do not recall what he said.

$300 shipped to cont. US.

Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11jGhzaTY_QYIjgP3cXRyy5IxHxYfZH9W