In appreciation to all those members who donated funds to the Double Gun BBS @ in 2006.

Friends of The Double Gun BBS @…Thank you for helping to support the worldwide exchange of information on Double Guns, Double rifles, Combination Guns, Drillings, Paradox Guns, Gauge Bore Rifles and other Fine Firearms. The individuals listed below are members who have donated funds to the Double Gun BBS @ As Always I thank you for your participation on the board.

Brian Palmer
Bill Janssen
Michael Petrov
Christine Brummer RIP Oscar Gaddy
Dave Trevallion - More than once!
Rick Rodenbeck
Kingsley Brown
Duane Elness
Ian Nixon
Terrill Buffum - More than once!
Gary Dunkelberger
Tim Carney
Paul Plunkett III
Robert Jurewicz
W Clair Kofoed
Bill Wise in memory of Oscar Gaddy
Craig Larter
Steve Noble
John White
Michael J. Foley
Joe Wood
Milt Fitterman (Builder)
John Leathers
Charles Heald
Gregory Baehman
Richard Raymond
Michael Grasso
Greg Taggart in Honor of Bill Wise
Greg Taggart
Dennis Potter
John Vibber
David Noreen
Joe Taylor
Bruce Bernacki
Paul Palmer
Paul O'Neill
Dave Westpfahl
Roger McKee
Mary Patton
William Apperson
Cameron J. Hughes
Patrick Dugan
John J King
John Steele
Gunsmither Tools
Peter Mikalajunas
Brent Thompson - In honor of Russ Ruppel
Mark Duer
Doug Waterman
Doug Waterman in memory of Oscar Gaddy
Harry Sanders
Christine Brummer
Chris Baumohl
Brent Thompson
Charles Troy
Ed Stabler
John Barnoski
Mark Duer
Cary & Connie Nelson
Steven Meyer
Brent Thompson
Jim Swaim
Bill Wise in memory of Larry Barnes
Joshua Loewensteiner
Rob Di Stasio
Brad Steinfeld
James Cassada
Ken Georgi
Christine Brummer in memory of Larry Barnes
Todd Wallsmith
Steve Cambria
Gil Russell
Steven Michaels
Craig Havener
William Mahaney
William C. Blunk
G. Niro
Keith Lembo
Ross Berck
Jack Lester
Brian Perazone
Robert Dalke
Edwin Meslow
Roy Eckrose
John Zanelli
Gillian Mullen
Richard Baum
Roger L. Smith
Tim Wolf
Curt Mettam
Paul Ehlers
Patrick Moran
Margaret Blankenheim
Jerry Mele
Terry Deem
John Svensson

Christine Brummer to
Pat McCune to
Richard Baum to
Timothy Carney to
Mary Patton to
G. L. Gilmore in Honour of Bill Wise to
Linas J Orentas to
Ralph Mauger to
Richard Budowle to
Randy Duke to
Hal Kantrud to
James K. Williams to
Gerald Mouer to

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