In appreciation to all those members who donated funds to the Double Gun BBS @ in 2008.

Friends of The Double Gun BBS @ you for helping to support the worldwide exchange of information on Double Guns, Double rifles, Combination Guns, Drillings, Paradox Guns, Gauge Bore Rifles and other Fine Firearms. The individuals listed below are members who have donated funds to the Double Gun BBS @ As Always I thank you for your participation on the board.

In Memory of Bill Wise - He will be missed greatly.
Harry Sanders
Douglas Waterman
Rick Rodenbeck
Michael Petrov
Chris Baumohl
Christine Brummer
Craig Havener
Gil Russell - In Memory of Oscar Gaddy
William Blunk
Ronald Overberg
W Clair Kofoed
Terrill Buffum
Robert Harris
Gerald Mouer
Brent Thompson - More than once!
Timothy Carney
Christine Brummer
Stephen Siebs
Ken Georgi
Michael Cross
Milt Fitterman
Ray Wight
Jent Mitchell
Joshua Loewensteiner
John Dallas
Keith Lembo
Charles Facemire
Pierce Brennan
Ross Berck
Bryan Swenson
Margaret Blankenheim
Thomas Wright
Gordon Green
Patrick Moran
Peter Mikalajunas
James Wheeler
Dave Forsberg
Kingsley Brown
William Apperson
Daryl Hallquist
James Wheeler
Robert Rambler
Jonathan Larson
David E. Michno
Roy Eckrose
Albert C. Wallack
Brian Perazone
C. George Newbern
Steven T. Meyer
Tim Reed
Patrick Dugan
Dennis Wolfe
Steve Cambria
Ronald Rogalsky
Tom Will
Mike Shepherd
Annette Holley
Serban Ionescu
T-Birds stuff
Pamela Purvis
S R Noble Steve
Joe Wood
Steven D. Hughes
Richard G. Howard
Steven Lawson
David F. Twyman
James Legg
Gary J. Wright
Recoil Rob
Jerry V. Lape
Milton Moore
Asa D. Kelley III
Frank Halsey
Gordon Disharoon
Stephen F. Quill
G. R. Bobby Brook III
Ralph Mauger
David J. Westpfahl
Harlan Bacus
Kenneth W. Nelson
Mark Ouellette
Jack Gilmore - In memoriam Bill Wise
Randy McCune
Walter C. Snyder
Fred Lowe
Michael Bailey
Timothy Sheldon
Tyler McShan
Teague's Fine Jewelry & Loan
Gary Hackney
Bill Davis
James Bledsoe

Conspirators responsible for the new rifle forum 09/08
Michael Petrov
Terrill Buffum
Tim J. Wolf

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