For any who would be interested and still hanging around the area, Rock Mountain Sporting Clays will be hosting a Handicapped Sub-Gauge event on 9 June, the day after Ernie's event. 100 targets, $35, custom blue stone trophy for the winner. Handicap works like this: 12g O/U or semi score stands as is, SxS and Pump get 5 birds, hammer gun gets 5 birds, 16g gets 3, 20g gets 5, 28 gets 10 and .410 gets 15. You can combine 2 handicaps for your score. So, .410 SxS gets 20, 16g Pump gets 8, 20g semi gets 5, 12g hammer gets 10. Got it? Shooting begins at 9 and the last round must be started by 1:00. See y'all at Ernie's and hope to see you here. BTW, we are open normal hours, 9-5 from Wednesday through Sunday.
Mike Koneski