Were any of you guys at the shoot, near Taneytown, Maryland yesterday? They claim to be the oldest Fish & Game in the nation (1873) there is a trap field and a skeet field, with the competition being two rounds (50 birds) each, followed by a pig roast. There were a few Elsie’s and Parkers, including a 3 frame hammer with under lever. The Parker Collector's association had half a dozen, or so, guys show up, posting respectable scores. Also a gentlemen with his Grandmother's 1936 vintage Mod 21 16ga, given to him at age 14. The stock had been lengthened bit by bit has he's grown, and now has a wood section added, and recoil pad, like so many lines drawn on the wall as he's grown. Getting to handle it and hear the story was a moving experience. Thanks again to the Forrest and Stream Club for another wonderful outing. It was my honor to attend.