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OK, I can see the monobloc joint, and now that I finally found out how to enlarge, can see the sloppy soldering job.

I wonder how much this would cost? Even for a gunsmith who does a less-than-outstanding soldering job, it can't be cheap. And I wonder if someone didn't put more money in this gun than it's worth.

Just an fyi, that is not a monobloc joint. It is a sleeving. A monobloc requires a single piece of metal to be machined and fitted with barrels.

The sleeved Hercules. The seam is too far forward to be a monobloc.

If you look at other pictures of Hercules guns, you will see there is no joint.

A Beretta is a true monobloc. In this photo, you can just barely make out the seam above the hing.

I have no clue why some one would spend all that time and money to redo this gun.