I walked into an estate sale(actually it turned out to be a divorce situation) on Saturday not expecting much but I asked if there was anything hunting related. The lady told me there was an old gun in the corner. The price quoted seemed very reasonable so it went home with me. I don't think I really realized what I had bought until I got home. I can now tell you all I love divorce sales!
This rifle is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition and still locks up like the proverbial bank vault. I have an email inquirery into the Springer Company which is still in business but no longer manufactures firearms. I suspect the caliber is their proprietary 10.75x52R but I'm waiting to hear back.
The rifle is numbered "No 4788" on the buttplate(not pictured) as well as elsewhere. It is also marked "ARVAUDB II 7740" on the underside as can be seen in picture #8. There is also a pop up sight located in the upper tang.
Any information anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Update: I just found barrel markings.The barrel are marked on top "F Denk(L) in Wien(R)" so apparently the barrel maker is different then the gun maker.

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