My first shotgun, given to me by my father when I was 12 years old was a very light 26" barreled, open choked 20 ga. Ithaca Flues. I dearly loved that gun and can't remember why I parted with it over 45 years ago. It must have had 3 1/2" drop in the stock and kicked like a mule (I was furnished 1 0z. loads to shoot in it). I have had a stong interest in Parkers, Smiths, and Foxes for the past several years. I have recently purchased a couple of mid to high grade NID Ithacas and am asking myself why they are so much cheaper grade for grade than Fox, Parker and Smith. They seem to be as well made and finished, engraving is IMHO as nice, and checkering actually fancier. They have the Rotary bolt, and the ones I bought appear to have a factory Miller single trigger based on the looks and operation of the safety/selector. Is the difference in value due to lack of hype and collector interest (I don't see an Ithaca Collectors' website). I personally beleive these guns are one of the best values going today in the vintage American double world. Anyone care to comment?