The nice thing is that the NID are modern in design, metals and shootable demensions. On top of that to many Ithaca are not easily sorted by models. Bought more than one NID for Nitro prices. Picked up a 16 NID and a 20 NID grade 23 in both for less than $1,600.00 total for the pair. Could not have picked up one FOX or Smith small bore for that money and forget about a Parker small bore for less than 2K. Both of these would grade out 90-95% guns and they were less than a grand each.

30 years ago I was buying Fox Sterlingworths in 16 for less than $300 to $400.00 tops, 20 for less than $600.00, in NRA fine or excellent condition. Now they would be $2,000-2,500.00 each min. 10 years ago I could pick up any German Guilde gun for $300-500.00. Now they are $1,500.00+ for the same gun. Smiths and Parkers have gone up just like the rest but Parker has gotten silly in prices these days. Beaters and basket cases are 1K and up, 2K for small bore.

Ithaca are the last of of the real values I see these days. You can find a NID 12 in very solid, decent shape for less than $500.00, 16 and 20's for less than a grand. Most decent Sterlingworths are $1,000.00 for a 12 and with that you get a stock with enough drop to make you cry. If you look around you can get a grade 2 NID for about what a Sterlingworth cost.

I saw a Fox 16 AE, 28", in very nice shape (90-95%) but certainly not unfired or pristine, last week and the hard, no dicker price was $6,250.00. For that much money I could find and buy two Grade 3 or maybe two grade 4 NID's in 16.

Flues are even a greater value if you find a later made one. I like the ones from just after WWI until just before the NIDs came out. Some of the engraving is just as nice as the later NID's with wood that is often even better. Been looking at 20 Grade 1 or 1 1/2 as I call them for a few months. If it had 2 3/4" instead of 2 1/2" chambers and be one of the very thin actions which I am afraid of cracking, it would already be at home. But then again, I guess one more gun would fit right in, and prices are going up all the time, and it does swing like a charm.