I have a 16-bore screw-grip boxlock ejector that is very petite, weighing in at just 5lbs13 (w/28 tubes and a 14 7/8 LOP to a horn butplate). It is marked as being made at the Preston Branch of the W. Richards Business. Now, I know that in another section of this forum, W. Richards is roundly dismissed as being a maker of shoddy firearms, but this one is a gem, with cutaway fences, lovely engraving, a Deeley pushrod forend, and a diamond-shaped grip. It is No. 1 of a pair that was made in 1905, and from reading Mr. Hadoke's new book on boxlocks, I'd have to say it was marketed as a "best" gun.

My question is this: because of the screw-grip, is this a Webley & Scott action that was finished by W. Richards, or was it made by someone like Skimin & Woods (who built many of the 2-inch actions and many other lightweight boxlocks)?

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