Mr.Wood: Thank you. I suspect that you are right. So...Webly & Scott supplied barreled actions to the other companies (even pairs of weapons?), who then stocked, engraved, and finished the firearms? They then, of course, put their names and addresses on them(?). I knew that Army & Navy did this, as well as William Evans, but I didn't (and still don't)know the level of participation of the many other makers, even the provincial ones. Is there any way to differentiate between who provided what action (aside from the screw-grip ones)? I have handled a number of lightweight boxlock guns, 2-inch 12s and even standard 2 1/2s (ie. Lincoln Jeffries), that were clearly made by Skimin & Wood. Thomas Turner made some very lightweight guns that were easy to identify as being sourced from Westley Richards. Were there others?