What I know about this gun from the Woodward record books:

- delivered 24 Oct 1910
- to Shulto S. Ogilvie
- A&D top lever hammerless steel barrels with extended rib
- (W&S)
- 30" bbls @ 3# 3 3/4 oz (currently 3# 3 oz)
- left 0.733/0.700 right 0.733/0.731
- stock 2"-1 1/4"-3/16"-5/8"-3/4" 15"-14 7/8"-15 1/2"

What else I know:

- the case had a paper tag marked "Fusil 12 bore"
- the case is battered green canvas (been around a bit)
- the lower tang has been repaired across the front screw
- the forearm has a metal "P" hat matches the monogram "P"
- the case has a monogram "AB" on a rond brass disc

What I suspect:

-the wood is a restock in real deal French
- the restock wood is too high a grade to normally be OE
- the articulated front trigger does not look OE
- neither monogram is OE
- the gun has spent time in France

note the half-round wood inlet into the action at the tang-fence junction - earmark of the Propriatary

note the repair across the screw hole

forearm metal monogram

note the wood does not look like a grade appropriate to the Propriatary grade gun

Suspected non-OE articulated front trigger

Did I miss any questions?


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