I find this to be the most seemless, evidence free method of repair that I have used to date. I get excellent contact and the mill cuts straighter than I can file. It does not get near hot enough to compromise a silver solder joint. This method takes more time to layout and set up and less file time. Overall it is more costly, it does take a bit longer and I have increased costs for the welding and shipping, but I feel the final product is worth it.

this method vs replacing the pin is dependent upon the gun. I will usually build a new pin given that option. Just my opinion, but I feel if it is a good gun and it was designed to have a replaceable pin, that is the way to go. Others will disagree.

Parkers.....I'm getting to that. Soon I will be making new knuckles just the way the Brothers P went about tighten up one of their guns.


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