Let see here: I used to be an avid clock collector and an American clock maker names Chauncey Jerome sr. managed to flood the British market with a very inexpensive shelf clock called an OG due to the shape of its case. He put a declared value on a large shipment of $1.50 per clock. The was a brass movement weight driven clock with a veneered case. The Brits thought it impossible to make a clock that cheaply so exercising their tariff regulations seized the shipment for face value. The clockmaker gleefully turned around and sent another large shipment at the same price. After a few more shipments the Brits gave up.
I point this out to demonstrate that the United States wasn't the only Country with tariffs and their purpose was to protect domestic manufacturing. In the case of clocks it cartainly backfired on Great Britian.
As an aside: IMO there was one American double gun built during this period that was arguably superior to all the others and that's the Colt Model 1883. The simplicity of design and excellence of craftmanship is immediately apparent to anyone who has owned one of these.

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