You know, as we American's love to rip on the aristocratic, Tory loving, "pompous Brits", I'd like to remind you that they have few of the safety problems we do in the States.

So you may take my statements to be as arrogant and aristocratic as those Brits that seem to better regulate their shoots than we do.

I thought if only I'd join an American club that was built like a prestigious country club, some of those British sensibilities towards safety and etiquette would prevail. After spending what I consider a kings ransom, and having shot with several affluent shooters known in the US business world, I have to report no such luck.

In 40+ hunts and shoots this year, I've had guns aimed at my head too many times to count, misfires twice, hunts with idiots carrying guns with safeties off numerous times, etc.

Steroeotypical person that will get you shot: 50 year old avid hunter. Just old enough to not have been required to take hunter safety by law in any state. They also abide my previous MO. Curiously, they tend to be the most affluent of people with the least pleasing attire. It all seems to tie together as a pervasive stereotype.

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