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Any of the Syracuse L.C. Smiths from Quality 4 to Quality 7 were as good if not better than any English gun built.

And Ted you are wrong, these guns were built on 3 different frame weights. The medium weight 12 ga. could be made as low as 7 1/2 lbs with 30" barrels.
The Quality 7 was $450.00 in 1888.

Few 1890 vintage LC Smiths were built at 7 1/2 pounds-if you can, show me one. Bigger was better in that era, and the guns show it. While you are at it, find one of that vintage that isn't cracked behind the lockplates.

The only people I know who claim an LC Smith is as good or better than an English gun are those who are unfamiliar with a Lefever. I'd still take a typical English gamekeepers boxlock from the same period over either of those.