Re: Sir Dig's sense of humor; whilst recognizing the inherent challenge of appearing humble when addressing one’s Colonial inferiors, it might be prudent for an English iron monger to be slightly less condescending toward potential purchasers of his wares.

Good is as good does. Please review the outcome of the 1901 Anglo-American match

Marshall and Merrill gave up their Cashmores and choose Parkers, as did Le Roy and Heikes who used Remington doubles at the 1901 GAH at Live Birds as Remington professionals. Le Roy had been a Remington representative since 1897. Parmelee used a Parker at the 1900 GAH, but had previously also been a Remington professional.
Guns used: Capt. Thos. Marshall - Parker, R. O. Heikes - Parker, W.R. Crosby - Smith., C. W. Budd – Parker, J. S. Fanning - Smith, J.A.R. Elliott - Winchester Repeater, Fred. Gilbert – Parker, F. S. Parmelee - Parker, C. M. Powers - Parker, Edward Banks - Winchester Repeater, E.H. Tripp - Parker, Richard Merrill - Parker, and B. Le Roy - Parker.

After the team defeated the British best, W.R. Crosby (Smith) beat the Scottish champion shot, Faulds, at Glasgow, Scotland. Each shot at 100 clay pigeons from ground traps and 50 pigeons from tower traps. Crosby scored 139 to Faulds’ 134.

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