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If the American gun-owning public still thinks that a highly-adorned and (more importantly) "factory-original", American-made, English boxlock-clone is the do-all, end-all, then it is. At least for a little while longer.

Lloyd, fact is the A&D action so highly touted in England was quickly rejected by American makers who opted for a stronger gun. Among other points, the hinge pin was moved forward to give much better leverage and lowered the angle of stress on the action. And then to further strengthen the gun most American designs placed the locking bolt as far away from the hinge pin as possible. Both were major improvements on the original. (I know, the A&D action was protected by patent for quite a while but that just led to worthy innovations which has always been the hallmark of our citizens).

For what it's worth, about half my stable is American, mostly Parkers and Lefevers and the other half is English or Scottish. I do like them all and I've had decades to compare them side by side. Frankly, I don't think it's possible to compare the two country's products without the distortion of bias (mine included) but I do take umbrage with someone who flatly labels our American production "inferior". That was the height of audacity.

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