I seem to have provided a topic for discussion! Very entertaining (smirked the condescending Brit from behind his Daily Telegraph, before putting on his bowler hat to take the tube to the City).

See you all at the Southern where I expect to receive the spanking I deserve smile

On a serious note - I will never say things I do not believe true (or not say things) in order to sell a gun to anyone. I don't think it would be appreciated if I did. Agreeing with my observations or liking a gun I have and deciding to buy it should not be related. If they are, I'll take the hit.

BTW 'Inferior' does not mean you are not allowed to like it. I do most of my shooting with a gun which is objectively inferior to the majority that I have in the gun room. Because I like it. I still recognise that it is not as sophisticated or of the equivalent quality of a typical Purdey or Grant.

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