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American guns have value because of originality and rarity. Brit guns have value because of current replacement cost and restored condition. (A general oversimplification)

I'd add that American guns, just like Brit (or European) guns also have value because of name and condition. Example: Yesterday I looked at Mark Beasland's inventory. Mark had a Parker Trojan 20ga, decent original condition. Probably the best part about it was that it had dimensions many would find quite shootable. Not a whole ton of drop. For essentially the same price, he had a Joseph Defourney 20ga BLE, much better condition, scalloped back, 100% engraving, about as nice as I've seen on a boxlock. Sideclips, Greener crossbolt. It went home with me. The price on the Trojan was reasonable given the market, but 20ga Trojans aren't rare. Wouldn't have been worth nearly that much if it hadn't said Parker. Absolutely no question it's a much cruder gun than the Defourney--which, if it had had a decent English name, probably would have been worth about twice as much.

As for the chaps from across the pond in their breeks compared to TX quail hunters . . . I've done both. Last two Decembers in Scotland, we had one day standing there in our nice breeks, rain and sleet coming at us horizontally. Birds pouring over our heads, made more challenging by the wind, the fact it was hard to see, and fingers were cold enough to have trouble working safeties. Those TX boys would likely wish they were back home.

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