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'There are lots of Spanish guns sold in England and several English marked guns that originate in Spain'.

There are lots of cats that lick their own buttholes - that doesn't mean it is not disgusting.

What Digs said. Put another way, I find it ultimate ignorance when someone tells me to buy a Ferrari kit car (a knock off) for the same price as a Ferrari.

The Ferrari of guns is English and the Belgians, Spaniards and Italians are making copies.

$3600 for a Spanish boxlock? No thanks, I'll take a Westley Richards. $12,000 for a Spanish best sidelock? I'll take a best Lang or other second tier Brit maker for that money.

Only time Spanish guns or Belgian guns catch my interest is at fire sales. I own a Spanish gun MSRP of $14,000 that I'm into for $2250...about what it's worth to me. It's like holding a fat chick by the canckles. Pig wrists. Gummy wood deserving of pier one imports bistro set. Engraving worthy of an A- at some regional high school art fair. From 10' it really looks like something. Up close, it's just another trailer trash nuveau riche junker.

For me, I'll take the real Ferrari even if has a couple dents....enjoy your fakes.