The newest importer for B&P, Aerostar Outdoors, is attempting to obtain enough commitments to enable them them to place an order with B&P for the 12 ga High Pheasant 30 gram #5 shot load.

RCC has posted on the B&P 16ga F2 thread today that conversation with Kari McCormick @ Aerostar Outdoors indicated they are not getting enough commitments to purchase to meet the 600 flat minimum order that B&P requires.

This is a 65 mm /2 1/2" case 1 1/16 oz @ 1280 fps. B&P published pressure is 580 BAR/8416 PSI & IMHO an excellent Pheasant load for guns of game gun weight or heavier.

I would encourage any of you who have an interest in the availability of this load to contact k.mckormick or Aerostar Outdoors @ 866-251-4245/ and place an order or express your interest.

I have no affiliation with B&P or Aerostar Outdoors & my only interest in this is to keep some high quality loads that are suitable for use in SxS guns available.