Hi Brittany Man,

Call Dave at Kaltron (Keri's former employer), they have some 1/16 and 1/8 loads of high pheasant and they state they are unsaleable because of the pressure. I don't know if B&P changed the formula but they were hot. Keri put a spec sheet on shotgunworld years ago that published their pressures. Armbrust told me directly that how they measure pressure isn't how we do. He went on about how they measure and it went in one ear and out the other but the point I got from Tom is that they are hotter than we think at first blush.

Count me in for the 1 ounce loads though, best hunting shell ever, I use them in every gun I own regardless of era gun was made. I'm pretty sure the 1 ounce loads are effectively 8500-8900. If true, the additional 16th would make them hot loads indeed as pressure increases quickly as you add lead above an ounce. (E.g. Two identical loads, one an ounce, the other 1-1/8th, 50% more recoil appx)