Did AH Fox ever produce 28 gauge guns? How about .410? I can't think of ever seeing or reading anything about an original AH Fox 28 gauge or .410.

I've read the 28 gauge cartridge was introduced to the US market in the late 1890s or early 1900s and later became popular through promotions from Parker Bros. Did Fox simply think the 28 gauge wouldn't catch on? One would think that their customers would ask about ordering a gun chambered in the new "popular" 28 gauge.

Even after being sold off to Savage in the late 1920s they must have figured the cartridge wasn't popular enough to tool up and build guns chambered for 28 gauge? By the 1940s they were making the 311 Model B foxes but still no 28 gauge. We see 28 gauge and .410 guns from Parker, Ithaca and others but why not from Fox?