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Anyone make a reproduction "oversize" buttplate? All I've been able to find are "exact fit", not leaving any room for shaping to the stock, particularly at the toe. Want to add a 1/4" spacer.

I refinished an early Grade A Fox stock recently for a customer and added a new reproduction butt plate with a 1/4" extension that I scratch made, as per the customers request. The reproduction butt plate was of very good quality and was oversize enough to allow trimming to size as required.

The new reproduction buttplate was purchased from N.C. Ordnance Inc., Wilson, North Carolina - 252-237-2440 - www.gungrip.com - The Remington Butt plate pictured also came from N.C. Ordnance.

I would recommend North Carolina Ordnance Inc. for any of your butt plate needs. They stock almost any butt plate required and ship in a timely fashion.

Invisible Fox Toe wood Repair:

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