We can bash canada, but their soldiers are first rate. The worlds record documented sniper kill was made by a sniper from the Princess Pats Regt. in Afghnaistan. It was over 2400M if I remember.

I actually ran into an opportuntiy to shut up one of our northern brothers, or I should say "sisters. I was in a hotel waiting to check in and she was ranting with the clerk about Bush and the war. I had only gotten back form Afghanistan a short while before and was not i the mood for anyone, much less a foreigner from bashing my Commander in Chief (right or wrong about the war) She was the typical liberal city Canadian, repleat with Birkenstocks, tied died hemp shirt, unshaved legs, granny glasses, bag of granola in her handbag made of unbleached cotton; you get the picture. Well, anyway, she is blathering on about the terrible war, war isnt the answer to anything.Bush bad, Canada good etc etc. I stood by and finally interjected and told both of them that I had just spent a year deployed and while I respect their right to free speech, they should respect myine and I proceeded to tell them that what they know isnt reality etc. and then asked the Canadian broad if she knew how great and skilled her Canadian soldiers were. She mumbled soemthing in feigned support and then I asked her how she felt having the worlds record for killing a man a long range being accomplished and held by a fellow peace loving Canadian, eh? She was speechless. She was in denial that a fellow Canadian would ever do such a thing. It was a priceless moment where I got to turn, just for a moment the tables on some anti war rant.
But I digress.

The longest-ever confirmed sniper kill was made by Master Cpl. Arron Perry of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan during combat in 2003. Using a .50-caliber MacMillan TAC-50 rifle, Perry shot and killed an Afghan soldier from a distance of 2,430 metres.

The record was set during Operation Anaconda when a Canadian three-man sniper team from the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, (PPCLI), set the new record with a shot on a Taliban fighter

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