Brian, a member of this board mentored and debriefed American and Canadian snipers, including the Princess Pats. training together in the United States. He told me in a private message that what he liked about the "Canadian kids" is that they never gave him any bs aboput hits and misses. Canada comprises 10 per cent of the ISAF force and has had 25 per cent of its casualties.

Pete, yes, she comes home and resigns as a result of her celebrity and backroom Pentagon and White House manoeuvering led by a one-star black general political wizard. Postoak, I guess I'll have to get Gloria positioned for next year's primaries. I've read Ted White's Making of the President 1964, a splendid account of the "Duel to the Death" primaries between Rockefeller and Goldwater. .

I was with JFK when he broke through in Wisconsin in 1960. Thanks to all of you.