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This is from Larry's response to me in his post #437228 earlier today.

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I've never held up my observations--nor my opinions, for that matter--as good science. The difference between us is that you do.

You remind me of a dog that's in serious need of a bark collar.

Hey Larry, Woof woof! How about showing us where I ever once held up either my opinions or my observations as good science. Sorry for pissing on your thread, but when you go around telling lies about me, I feel this need to clear the air.

The right thread is anywhere that you go until you correct your false accusation Larry. Now the guy who can't find the stones to admit when he is wrong is saying I can't find my own posterior. I'll bet you can find your posterior Larry. Easy for you since that's where your head is usually planted. Woof woof!

A true sign of mental illness is any gun owner who would vote for an Anti-Gunner like Joe Biden.