Spanish artisanal shotguns (of all price points) can crop up in expect and unexpected places. Here is an example of a gun in an unexpected place:

This gun looks like, and is described by the seller as, a gun made by Renato Gamba for Mauser in the 1990s. But a closer look at the water table and barrel flats tell a different story. This gun was built by Arrieta (maker’s mark “A.C.” in a circle), in 1976 (proof year code “U*1”). An attempt was made to buff off the Spanish proof and maker data. But that attempt was not entirely successful and enough of the original Spanish markings remain to identify the Spanish maker and proof year.

I came across the gun when I was scanning for interesting guns, and the engraving caught my eye as being typical top end Spanish work. That’s what made me stop and give the pictures of the gun a closer look.