Dare I post a picture of a double made in China? Well, there it is.. a Chinese replica of a Colt 1878. And a real Colt 1878 in 10 gauge.

Mary and I went on a road trip today to see some early fall colors and to hit a couple of gun shops that have been fruitful before. I took an old safe queen rifle along for trading. I ended up trading for a Cimarron 1878 coach gun - NIB.

I got to say, it ain't half bad. Not to say it's a high quality European shotgun by a long shot. No way near. But still I was shocked to see all the screws timed and fit and finish was equal to what I've seen on Remington made Marlin lever guns. The furniture is walnut with some figure.

I didn't realize it had 26" barrels instead of 20" that's more common. But it balances at the hinge nicely.

I had it figured for trading stock but I caught Mary trying it for fit and testing the lockwork. I asked her if she wanted it and she replied, "I might.", with an attitude that she may just take it.

I think some remodeling of the stock behind the locks to more resemble the Colt and also replicate the checking pattern would make the clone more pleasing. Winter is coming on.