The locks and guts thereof look real close. I made a soft attempt to put the Cimarron lock in my Colt and I suspect it could be fitted. I've not tried swapping parts but it looks possible. The Cimarron lock plate has an extra screw hole above the sear spring. I'm told the older guns didn't have this extra screw.

Parts for the Cimarron are as hard to find as those of Colt. When I was repairing the Colt 12 gauge I contacted Cimarron and they only had a few and couldn't tell me if they would work on the original. I've heard they had parts at one time but got them bought up by cowboy gunsmiths.

I have exchanged messages with a cowboy gunsmith that says he has some parts and has repaired original Colts with them. We didn't get into what parts he has or what parts will work.