Well one of these followed me home the other day and now I am totally perplexed and thought I would turn here for some possible answers.

I know there were updates (a recall)that are recommended on older guns with ser#'s prior to 30,000 (after which the factory automatically applied the updates). Here in lies my dilemma.... I have reviewed everything I can find on the net and I am still confused. Let me explain...

My gun has ser# OU 27xxx without the dot between the OU and 27XXX so it would appear it needs the updates BUT
It has the wreath around the roll stamp of the dog so it appears the updates were done at the factory. BUT
It is a two pin frame which indicates it needs the updates. BUT
It has a support at the rear of the upper and lower tang indicating it was updated. BUT
It doesn't have screws at the bottom of the recoil shield.
And finally there is a plate epoxied where the stock bolt goes into the action to strengthen (?) this area.

The gun is the skeet model with 25 1/2" barrels marked Skeet and Skeet but there is NO barrel code on the left side of either barrel, yet all markings are crisp and clean indicating it hasn't been refinished. It does have the R.E.P in an oval on both barrels (a proof mark I believe) also on the right side of the lower barrel it has 98 W PY (the PY may be the date code but that would make it 1974 adding more confusion as I don't think they were doing factory updates then and the roll stamped dog has a wreath around it).

On the bottom flat of the barrels is the Letter T a 3 and then a P with a Y away from the other 3 characters.

I am trying to get an idea if it needs the updates or not. As far as the forend issue I have disabled the ejectors (like extractors better) so I shouldn't have an issue with the forend cracking, hopefully. The gun is tight as a tick and has a few handling marks but fewer than you would expect, the bluing is in the 98 to 99% range and bores are mirrors. It has been used but not much and it has been babied......

Any help with the year of mfg. would be nice as well.....

Thanks much...