I wonder if the yellowish color of the earlier repair indicates that it was a brazed joint. It seems unusual that a braze joint would hold up better than a TIG welded joint. But maybe not if the TIG welded joint wasn't prepared to get full penetration. A good braze joint can easily be stronger than a poor weld joint.

The part looks like it would be fairly expensive to have a new one made, so I think I would have to give the TIG welding another try using a welder who knew what he was doing. Then, if that failed, I would try reproducing just the problematic leg, and weld it on where there is more cross-sectional area. On a job like this, the preparation and set-up is a lot more time consuming than the actual welding.

Here's a link to Hill's Micro-Weld in Meadville, Pa. Bill Schodlatz has used them and posted here several times about the great work they do.


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