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Interesting if rather ornate for the English market. Looking at it the man on horseback in the engraving it looks rather like a U.S. Civil War officer. The gun looks like a Daw's patent action which would indicate an early centrefire circa 1861 or 1863 which may tie in with the Civil War period. Just a thought. Lagopus.....

Possibly. But, the figure could also represent a British officer in "Stable Dress" which would be appropriate for being mounted on horseback. This also would match the period of the gun's manufacture. Forage caps are also similar as far as headgear, but my bet is on the former. Since IMO the metalwork on the stock has an Oriental/Indian look to it, a wild speculation could be that it belonged to a British officer in one of the mounted regiments in India, such as the 17th or 21st Lancers....the 17th Lancers was posted to India a year after it was made. The work on the stock was obviously done well after that. If one was going to be stationed in India, it would be "just the ticket". Possibly owned by some Second or Third son from a family of means. Fun to speculate, if it could only talk.


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