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Many thanks gentlemen for all the recommendation. Do you think cooking on the convection setting will significantly impact cooking time? Most everyone in our family will prefer a roast @ medium rather than medium rare.

Merry Christmas to all here. I love you all and value your friendship greatly.


I asked my wife about three things, to use convection, to slow cook, and how to get medium instead of medium rare in the middle.

She said that the convection setting should not be used at 500F because it's already hot as blazes. Use conventional.

She has tried slow cooking, and five minutes per pound at five hundred degrees. She slow cooks cheap pieces of meat, every time, to break down the fibers of the meat and make it tender. But with a boneless rib eye prime rib, you're dealing with a chunk of meat that's the very best of the cow, that costs over two hundred dollars unless it's on sale. For the best, you sear the outside by quick cooking, to seal up the juices.

As to getting more medium cooked meat, she says about half the roast will be medium, but to get that, the middle must be medium rare. The ends are delicious at medium, but would NOT be if they were well done.

And the one and only meat I love medium rare, is the middle of a sizzling hot prime rib roast, with au jus sauce poured over it.

It's your roast, but the wife says follow her directions exactly or use the slow cook method like you would for a cheaper piece of meat.

Hope this helps, and Merry Christmas!

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