For those using the 5 minute and 2 hours in the off oven. Be careful with newer ovens, some have fans that cool them down when the oven is turned off. We have one that does. Should be no problem but you will need to kill the breaker to the oven to stop the fan. My son used our oven Friday for prime rib, never had a problem in his but had lots to do so used ours. We discovered the issue half hour into the 2 hours. Then had to deal with it and it did not turn out well for the roast! There are comments on the internet about this issue. If you let the roast go through the 2 hours in an oven like ours it will be rare from what I understand. We will be doing a 10 pound prime rib tomorrow in our oven so will see how it goes killing the breaker. Merry Christmas, Bob Warren