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Just put mine on the pellet grill!

Did it last year and it immediately became a yearly tradition!

Pellet grills are one of the best inventions ever. I use mine more than my oven these days. I cook my rib roast in the on my pellet grill with mesquite pellets and just finish sear it the oven. I season it the same as always instead of using a BBQ style rub. Once you try cooking a rib roast on the pellet grill you will never cook another in the house.

For Christmas dinner I have a small turkey I'm roasting out on the pellet grill again with mesquite pellets. It won't be like smoked turkey just a nice juicy turkey with a hint of mesquite smoke flavor to it.

I love my pellet grill! Don't own another grill now. I like Turkey on it but my wife does not like the smoke flavor in the gravy. I love the temp control and the lack of flare up. Chicken is the best, no need to watch it. Throw it on and go mow the lawn. Put ribs on low and slow then go for a boat ride.